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Hi LJ, 50/50 tbh. On one side I’m absolutely bricking it mate and the other is excited and look forward to it…!!!
Obviously I’m concerned about getting the hairline and softness right. I’ve been playing around with the head shaving and since I’ve shaved my head completely, the missus tells me I look much better. The missus also tells me I shouldn’t be getting it done next week and that I should embraced growing older. If only she’d understood what us baldies go through through and what it does to a mans confidence over time. I was actually in London last week to see that Adele women that doesn’t turn up for her concerts (know the one)? and I said to the missus, let’s pop along to Scalp on Harley Street said she could have a look at SMP in the cold light of day. Unfortunately the clinic was closed at the time (it was a Saturday morning) desires the website having opening house on a Saturday. Anyway she’s still not seen it so as you can imagine, next week is a biggie for me. Thanks for dropping me a line anyway. What about you; are you still happy with your results…? Thanks 🙏🏻

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