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So, I’ve had my 1st session today with Dean and I’ve got to say I spent the 3hr drive home with the radio turned off after being subjected to Marcin’s ‘terrible’ bloody taste in music all afternoon…!!!
With regards to my treatment, I’m refusing to pass judgment ATM as my head is ‘very tender’ and I swear I can still feel Dean sticking that blood needle in my head; on the plus side though, the redness has calmed since I left and the foundation Dean has set out is giving a glimpse of what is yet to come. Arriving a the clinic This afternoon I must say I was quite apprehensive and had been since yesterday, but Dean and Marcin quickly put me at ease with crap banter, free coffee and an awful mix of early 80’s – mid 90’s musical cheese. We spent the first 30mins laying down the hairline and discussed the importance of it coinciding with my frown. I’d earlier presented Dean with a photo carefully selected from my SMP research, setting out how I wanted Dean to capture the shape, contour of a subtle hairline that reflected my skin tone, head shape, and of cours e my age. Throughout the session I looked in the mirrror a few times but as I say, refused to comment or pass judgement until after session 2 next week; as Dean informed, my treatment is a process, and that today’s effort is only 30% the finished article. Anyway chas, I’ll keep you posted over the next 2 weeks with the intention that hopefully my experience will support you on your journey.

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