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Well, at the first session I had 16, second session I had 14 and then the third session the technician said I should go a bit darker like 12 and I said no stick with 14 as I bottled it and he agreed as there is’nt a huge amount of difference between the two. A year down the line it looked faded somewhat and my sides were starting to look darker than the top. I was never truly happy with the density and always thought it needed another session. Thus, I used my “warranty” session for a bit more density and went down to shade 8. Now, I couldn’t be happier and it finally looks finished. My only concern is that now it looks good, but concerned that when the 4th session fades (as each session does from 30 days onwards) it will look light again and maybe I should have went down to 6 or even 4 to account for the expected fading. I am a thinker though hahaha.

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