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I suppose it’s quite individual how different people feel after a change like this.
I never was a Brad Pitt or a Channing Tatum, and I don’t have any expectations about being a top shelf hottie after this hahaha. I just want to look the best I can, and feel good about myself when I play concerts or when I’m in other situations where I’m expected to dress properly.
I don’t expect to experience any kind of regrets (or incontinence!! haha) cus of this 😀 But I surely know what you mean about different emotions surfacing; I actually thought I had come to terms with and accepted my hairless situation – so to speak. But after this opportunity occured, finding out about Skalp etc, I’ve realized that it was more a case of having given up than literal acceptance, really. 🙂

From what I can see in the photos you shared you look great by the way! And I bet it *feels* great too!

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