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Dear Narb,

Many thanks for your reply. Sorry if you got annoyed. I was only giving my opinion. I am generally very observant and often even notice things that others do not. You are absolutely right if the client is happy then that is the main thing. But a happy client does not necessarily mean that something looks good- take fashion for example we all have different tastes 🙂
To answer your questions:
Yes I have seen SMP in real life. Some looked very realistic but I have also seen some that look terrible and all were done by the same company.
Yes I have been to a consultation. I had a long list of questions and I was very impressed with the practitioner’s knowledge and passion.
Yes I have asked a small number of people on their opinion on my nanogens. I stress though that I have not asked many- as people still think I have hair! I used to have long hair and used fibres to cover up my thinning hair. It looked amazing for a while but the more hair loss I suffered the less realistic it looked. After thinking hard I decided that I was going to shave it all off and rock the bald look but then I discovered the nanogen sprayer. After I shaved to off I starting to conceal my hair loss with the nanogen sprayer and so many people asked me why I had shaved my hair off and kept asking me when I was going to grow it long again- That was two years ago and people to this day keep asking me when I am going to grow my hair again. I take that to mean that they haven’t worked out that I have no hair on top and thus it must look realistic as they would otherwise not keep asking me.

I accept that there are many problems with using nanogens….
The length of time it takes to get ready! RAIN is a big problem and people wanting to touch my scalp causes problems and there are many more! Hence why I am considering SMP.

Future with SMP –
I am hoping that SMP looks good on me. But I think a lot of it depends on the user’s skin and how the ink looks after it has been applied- some people get thick blobs which don’t look great. It can be hard to predict how one’s skin is going to react.
Very lastly those pictures I shared of myself are awful I picked ones where I thought the fibres looked bad as I wanted to present them at their worst to get the best feedback from people.

I am seriously considering SMP. I have done so much research for the last 15 years and it seems to be the best thing at present. Ultimately I am hoping for a cure (probably though stem cells – although safety does concern me). Until then I will continue to mask my hair loss. I am just worried about how SMP will look on me as sorry to say but it just looks better on some people than it does on others and I think this is related to how the ink settles into the skin. I know it is one of the cheaper alternatives but it is still a lot of money.

Can I ask you a few questions?
Have you had SMP? If so how long ago? Have you had any touch ups? Experienced any fading? Lastly are you willing to share a picture? If you do not want to then that is ok but I would be very grateful if you could answer my questions / respond to my post. I am very keen to learn from your experience as I can tell that you are passionate about SMP. Again thank you so much for responding. i hope others do to!

Lastly if I do go for SMP. I will record everything and am happy to share my experience with others. If it turns out to be a success I will champion SMP to others 🙂

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