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Hi new hair 12345, i am new to smp but from my research I definitely think Skalp are the leaders on what they do. I am concerned however on the fact that there isn’t much information out there on fading. Is this because smp is relatively new so there isn’t much data? or are people just not talking about it? I know about fading during the initial three sessions but what about long term? I don’t mind going for a touch up every 3-5 years but I often think what if the clinic closes or a particular practitioner leaves, what if the touch ups go wrong? These are questions I can’t seems to find the answer to. Despite this I am still going for SMP after 15 years of hiding my hair loss I am simply fed up and want an easy life. I am going for my SMP treatment next month and intend on documenting everything from day one to help others, hopefully after 5 -10 years or so I will have a good amount of info to share but obviously that is a long time away. 🙂

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