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Hi guys! Been off here for a few days so thought I’d best get back up to date! In regards to my comments about fading, I was referring to a forum (from another clinic not Skalp) that had many clients commenting that after 3 smp treatment, their results had faded dramatically, basically gone! So for me ditching a hair system, to then having a cool shaved look, telling folk I’ve just shaved my hair. To a few days after my final treatment my results have gone! Meaning how would I explain my hair disappearing! This forum wasn’t chatting about 3-5 years later, these guys had dramatic fading within days! But and this is a but I believe these clients had received the treatment in a clinic that has a reputation and a place to avoid! I’ve been advised Skalp is the rolls Royce !! I have had reassurance from other clients and I’m very impressed with Skalp! So to clarify I’m ok with some fading over years with touch’s up along the way! If any ! My concern was that was I had my treatment how would I explain if the results had faded instantly!! I know I won’t have this problem with Skalp! I’ve been in direct contact with Skalp! Oh and whilst I’m here it seems there is a huge market for smp so I’m confident Skalp will be about for years ! Cheers guys !! Nice chatting in here and getting positive feedback , no negative stuff on here !

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