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Bang tidy

Hi mate, I wouldn’t have a transplant if you paid me, so you are right you shouldn’t go down the transplant route, for every reason you think plus another 100 reasons.

I think asking a transplant doctor for advise on SMP is like asking Mercedes salesman what they think of BMW’s, there just going to try and put you off and just buy what their selling. SMP is like the biggest threat to the transplant industry ever. That doctor would not be a master of SMP he probably just offers it just so they can make money out of people if they can’t sell people a transplant, plus transplants are 5 times more expensive and you see 99% of people unhappy with the results anyway.

I would suggest going for a consultation with Skalp and seeing the treatment in person, you won’t regret it, I think they can match the treatment to any hair colour no matter how light or dark.

Keep us updated, good luck whatever you choose.

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