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Thanks for the advice sammy. I don’t know i guess i want it perfect like everyone else does. I was hoping to use the extra sessions that’s included in the guarantee as a touch up session later down the line but i feel like i may have to use it sooner rather than later and not for a touch up but to perfect the blending etc. Maybe i was expecting too much from the 2nd session and was hoping to get all the dots into the areas that needs it but i can see there are quite a few patches that will need the dots placed in the next session and I’m worried that the third session wont be enough to do this as well as top up the fading. I think the first session lasted just under 3 hours including 20 mins drawing on the the hairline and second session just over 3 hours. My 3rd session is in 2 weeks time. Just going through a stressful phase atm.

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