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So just got home from my first session, sad extremely anxious the night before about going through with this, I soon settled down once I made it to the clinic where I received a warm welcome from Dean & Marcin. The process itself wasn’t painful at all, just felt like little scratches at times, I felt the time itself would drag being sat and/or lay down for so long but surprising went quite fast. As for results, I can’t say for the first session I was expecting an awful lot, my head is two part toned due to where my hair use to cover up is still fairly white compared to my tanned face which may be affecting the overall look for now, but that will change when my tan finally evens out! But as for the result itself, baring in mind I write this no more than 2 hours from being at the clinic, the hairline and temples have been outlined fairly and an overall basic fill has been done, they only look like small dots patted about on my head at the moment but it’s still early doors yet, overall I still feel slightly anxious but I hope this subsides, I’m still not use to seeing myself with no actual hair anymore as it was only couple days prior I braved the shave. But the Manchester clinic is very clean and well organised, and then two gents running it have a superb customer service and really make you feel at ease. Next session is on Tuesday 30th July, will keep you guys informed!

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