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So it’s just into day 2 after my second session and my god what a difference I can see, hairline and areas are now completely filled in and it’s really starting to look the part, although I may not have shown it on the day, I’m very happy with how this is looking at the moment! Dean has fantastic attention to detail can’t recommend him highly enough, final session is on the 6th September now, I expect it to slightly fade possibly as the pigments settle in but we’ll touch up on that as and when it happens, will be hoping I can go just a shade bit darker overall on my third session without losing the realistic look that it presents. I think the little bit more darkness will really match up to how my head looks after about 1-2 days max of my hair growing elsewhere. Overall thoughts on second session… again very anxious beforehand as to how it will look after the session is done, I decided to take a break only a couple times as I wanted dean to just be zoned in on the work and he’s achieved that and beyond! Have begun feeling confident enough to start showing people and all have given nothing but compliments from the ones who knew I was having this procedure, and for those I met who haven’t known about it they simply think I’ve shaved all my head and still have said it’s a great look! So it’s a yes from me up til now, very satisfied with the work dean has done! (Marcin is great to have around he’s very lively character and his work I saw on a client next to me looked brilliant aswell) two very talented professionals at the Manchester clinic, look no further people. Will update again in a week or so, Ryan.

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