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Hi M8 you are not alone I had my 2nd session 2 weeks ago and only 3 people have said anything to me on the 2nd day after the treatment . It has faded so much now it’s hard to see all the dots have vanished and it looks like a very faint shadow in some light and not noticeable at all in other day light . I went out last night with friends I have not seen for 2 months or so and not one of them noticed .. gutted still looking bald.

.I am confident they will sort my SMP out on the 3rd session as they won’t want us leaving unhappy customers and after all the good reviews they have and feedback they have I am positive it will be ok at the end result .
I have invested in the skull shaver like they use at SKALP Manchester and it cuts very close I have very light hair and it only takes 5 mins and last about 3 days.

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