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Appreciate the reply mate, I expected it to fade as the pigments settle in I just wasn’t sure as to how much, I agree after the 3rd session it should feel and look a lot more noticeable. My hair grows at an annoyingly fast rate so I need to keep on top of it but like I say I need to find something that gives me an even shave as I currently find patches where my hair is thicker and then I’ll give that more attention and then all of a sudden I’ve done too much and now it’s uneven again, frustrating to say the least. I can tell closely looking which are my first and second session pigments as they are slight different in tone but I still see tiny patches where there’s not a lot of coverage but I have to accept it’s not going to look the finished article after two sessions, so as you say hopefully the third will seal the deal. Fully confident in Dean to finish the job as well as he’s started it, he’s had to do a lot of coverage for my head so I appreciate it’s not going to be perfect after 2 sessions. Good to hear feedback off other clients and hope we can have this conversation again in a month saying how much better we look after our 3rd!

All the best mate, Ryan

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