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Hi Cosmo, I think you have the same idea as most people that have this done. The practitioner always starts too light, low density and further back than you think you will end up with the hairline on session 1, just so you can get used to it for the week in between the 1st and 2nd session.

Then when you come for the 2nd session you can say I want to keep it soft and receded or you can say bring the hairline down a bit and go a bit darker.

The whole time it is up to you how you want it, from what I’ve seen and experienced we all go in on the cautious side, but once you get the 1st session you are almost surprised at how natural it actually looks and want more (lower and darker) haha. So if you want it super soft and natural just ask for that, I know you see a lot of super sharp hairlines online and that can put you off, but skalp are known for and deliver super natural hairlines so don’t worry.

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