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Hey 1985 and HairHope,

I just read both if your stories and was hoping you were still registered here. I’ve been wearing a hair system for almost 3 years and can completely relate to the “maintenance” issues that comes with it. Particularly when you try to lead an active lifestyle, with sweating and heat. At the time I also researched SMP procedure but I think I just were not ready to shave my head completely. My Hair System looks phenomenal and very natural.
Now, under lockdown the “COVID-19 era” made me realise two things – First, how dependant I am on the regular fittings, adhesives, cutting, system wearing off etc. Secong being that after taking my system off (and keeping it off for a while) what a weight was lifted off my shoulders in terms of my hairdo upkeep, attaching it myself, making sure it looks natural, even sleeping…!
Then I started researching the SMP treatment again. It took me few weeks to weigh the pros and cons of completely shaving my head. Once I made the decision I shortlisted some companies. Skalp came at the top and following my recent virtual consultation with Jason I booked my first treatment in July.
So my question to both of you is: How do you feel about about the SMP now? It is rare to see results after few years. All videos and photographs are immediately after the treatment or few weeks after with this crisp, clean and beautifully shaved heads. What I am really interested in is how people are feeling 5 or 10 years down the line?
Sorry for the long post but having very similar experiences I hoped you could cast some light.

Many thanks,


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