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It’s funny reading your experiences, as mine was the same. Don’t worry about people not noticing after session 2, as it’s only 80% done. You’ll be amazed what the extra 20% density will do to your look, then people will start to notice. That’s what I found with the lads down the golf club anyway.
Personally, I’m so pleased I opted for SMP treatment instead of a hair transplant, as the SMP look gives you full coverage but at the same time it doesn’t look out of place from your previous look if that makes sense. I think I would look weird with actual hair after 30yrs of none, so SMP was the perfect solution that I wanted. That’s what confuses people I think, we still have a shaved head but now there’s a hairline!! I personally like that subtle look, as anything extra will draw the wrong attention.
Anyway, it’s all about how we feel inside and the confidence it gives us. I bet you are feeling great about it,right?
When is your 3rd session? If you can remember, can you ask Christine what color grade / number she is using for your look?
I’m going back again on Friday 18th September as there’s a few tweaks that I want. Skalp have been brilliant. Like you, I want to bring my hairline down slightly 2-3mm and around the temples (keeping it ultra soft for us guys in our 50’s), as well as some more density on the crown (I’m totally bald there). I’m now 3 weeks after my third session and it’s settled down nicely. I’ve got so used to the look now, I feel comfortable with the proposed changes and everyone close to me agrees.
I’m looking forward to seeing your results mate, best wishes.

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