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Hey aj!

I just had my third session 2 days ago and the whole experience has been amazing!

1. When you go to your first session you and your practitioner will design your hairline..the main goal for them is to make it as natural as possible For you and your look!hairline was the most important thing to get right for me and they perfected it in the end,the first sesssion is mainly to get you use to the hairline and if you wanted to adjust it you can always do that on second session.

2.they will choose the shade of ink that directly matches you hair to the look of a shaved head,they may start a bit lighted on first session and go darker once they add density etc

3.the smp will give you a dense appearance once finished your treatment, there is nothing else you need to make it appear any more dense.

4I would say session 2 is when you are 80% finished. I went to work couple of days after each session and nobody noticed even tho it was shiny from the cream haha just know that people will never assume it’s a tatoo even if they thing something looks different

5.using oil control moisturisers really work great from stopping your head from shining I use loreal matte control and it’s great!

You will
Not regret getting smp

Hope this helps

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