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Hi AJ,
I totally agree with Seb’s comments and I’ve just finished my last session yesterday (I was one of the few cases that needed a fourth session on the crown to get the blending and colour perfect with my own hair). You are in great hands at Skalp, they look after you 100%.

The Skalp consultants are expertly skilled and have completed thousands of styles to suit each clients personal needs. I’d recommend you take their advice on hairline and colour to give you the best look possible.
They recommend you start your hairline slightly higher and go lighter in colour on session one. This is to see how your skin takes the treatment. Try and get the template right for your hairline by the end of session two is my advice, so they can focus on the density in session three.

You will start to see the results after session two and the transformation and magic happens in the third session (to help manage your expectations).

I tended to have my treatment on a Thursday or Friday to let it settle over two to three days before heading back to work on the Monday. Read the aftercare section and follow the advice immediately after each session. This helps to get the best results.

As for a moisturiser, I use Aveeno, but I also hear good things about the product Seb uses, so I will try that too.
Good luck with your treatment, which branch are you booked into?


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