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Well my 2nd treatment was last week and I’m over the moon. I was told that this would be the magic session and it certainly was.

My 1st treatment had held quite well which was great and this was a good basis for the 2nd treatment. I decided to bring the hairline slightly forward, but kept it soft and broken. The Practitioner went in between the dots on the 1st session and with a slightly darker colour. There was also some blending into my own hair too. It was a little more painful today, but we chatted about football and girls and that helped lol.

When it was finished I looked in the mirror and although very dark I was really pleased. In just one week I’d gone from bald to having hair.

I have been able to shave for the first time today and wash my hair. It looks amazing and its been worth every penny.

My final treatment is in 3 weeks but at the moment I don’t think I need it, but I have been told I may get a little fading and the 3rd is to tidy everything up.

I really wish I could post some pictures up because it really is so good.

Will update again after my 3rd treatment.

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