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    So after a lot of youtube videos and I actually went through most of the threads on this forum lol I decided to go ahead with this treatment.
    I have a few questions about things I’ve seen. The soft/broken/straight hairline. Can someone fully explain what these mean, taking a guess I would say a soft hairline is one where the definition isn’t as defined? Broken being a hairline with the M shaped pattern? Whilst straight is a hairline without the M shaped pattern?

    How flexible are they with you when they designed your hairline? I am a 26 year old of afro caribbean decent and I can remember 10 years ago my hairline was something I was very proud of and if my definition is correct, a straight hairline. When comparing old pictures of what it used to be like is something that made me look into the procedure so if preferable I would like a hairline close to what I used to have since its receded a lot since then.

    Another question, density. I am going to let them cut my hair on the day since I have a few questions about it because I normally have my hair cut on a grade 1 setting, ive been told this procedure would look best when completely shaved or 0.5 grade max. Is the grade 1 setting pushing it? I would just want it on a level that is dark enough to frame my face regardless of lighting so you can clearly see where things start and end.

    SO basically TL;DR, how flexible are the practitioners when it comes to hairline and how dark you want the pigmentations to look?

    Thanks guys


    Hi Mate,
    The difference between a soft/broken hairline and a sharp one is how defined it is. A sharp one will have a sharper line where the dots are place closer together giving the look of more of a definite line. Soft hairlines the dots are spread out a bit more and are more random, not just a neat line.

    The shape of the hairline is a different matter, you can have it straight, receded, curved. The practitioner will draw your hairline on with a white marker before you start and you can adjust it until you are happy. You don’t have to get it perfect after one as you will make changes to it at session 2 and 3 anyway, just get a nice starting shape. Same with colour, they always start light and go darker over the sessions. They will guide you as to what they think will look best on you but it’s your head and you can always say you want it more on the darker side if you like, just don’t go mad with it. You don’t need to over think it that much.

    How you shave is up to you, I think most of us realise ourselves the shorter the better, as it is just blends perfectly when the hair is cut short. try different ways of shaving until you find your best way.

    Cheers Dave


    Hi mate. I am also of Caribbean descent and had mine done a year ago. You can choose hairline and colour but imo it’s best to let the practitioner choose the colour as they’re experienced. Hairline you will have a lot of input.

    I’m not entirely happy with the density of mine so actually have a 4th session booked a month from today.

    Go for it and enjoy the journey dude. One of the best things I’ve ever done.


    How did the session go king?

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