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    Benjamin Kramer

    Thanks. Have been using an aftersun product and the dryness has gone. The treatment looks great at the front and the fading on the Crown isn’t too bad. Looking forward to my 3rd treatment.


    Hi AJ. I am a 25 year old Asian guy with very similar hairloss to you.

    I really like your treatment as it looks very natural.

    Can you tell me how your family and friends have reacted? This is very important to me.


    Bull Dog

    I really love this treatment, it looks so good and natural and wow what a difference from before.

    Question. Because I am lighter skinned how dark can you go with the treatment? My hair is brown so I am guessing I cannot go as dark as this?

    Benjamin Kramer

    They will match your hair when it’s shaved.

    Goss Boy

    Hi Aj ,
    just browsing through the forum,
    Came across your story .
    Yours has to be one of the most natural looking on here.
    Did you pick your own hairline?
    I have an idea how I want it but I will let the guys decide as they have the most experience.
    Damon looks to have nailed it with yours.
    Enjoy Christmas with your new head of hair !!!!


    I would like a very similar hairline to this. Are you able to choose any hairline you want?


    Razz25 you can choose whatever hairline you like, but shape of head and other factors will be important. Natural and soft is best.


    Ok thanks I thought that would be the case.

    I am going to send off for a Mock Up to be done and see then also.


    I am similar skin tone and really like your treatment.


    Any update AJ?


    Any updates on how this looks once it has all settled down please.


    Hi guys. Sorry haven’t been on here to update but I’ve been really enjoying my treatment. It’s been 9 months since having it and I haven’t looked back.

    Everything has been brilliant and it’s been one of the best things I have done. I feel so much better, more confident and I have completely forgotten about my hair loss worries.

    The reaction from friends and family have been brilliant. A new girl has come into my life and she loves my look but I haven’t told her about the treatment and she has never mentioned anything. This is how good it really is.

    Have added some photos to show how it looks now 9 months on.


    How I look 9 months on and how I looked before.

    Thanks to Damon for his brilliant work.


    Have been waiting to see your update and it looks amazing.

    New hair, new girlfriend. I hope this happens to me when I get it done.


    Yep top drawer result and treatment.

    They say curls get the girls. It should be hairline gets the girls 🙂

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 85 total)
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