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    Hi all,
    Firstly it’s been great reading all the positive stories on this forum. I have my first treatment with Marcin in a couple of weeks. I’ve seen some great examples of his work on here and he was very open to showing me more at the consultation. All looks great! I guess I am just putting this post up because I am nervous. You always think to yourself….”But what if?….What if something was the go wrong? How will I cope? I wouldn’t want to turn into some recluse over night! :)”. I’m still also excited though as it could literally change my life. It would be great to see some more pics from people who have had treatment (just to help pick me up :)). Will keep you posted how things go, probably after the second treatment. Cheers!


    your life would change because you have a dark shadow painted on your head? c’mon dude. you’re taking this shit too seriously.. its just hair.

    You could be selling pens on the streets of Cambodia or India right now just to get something to eat.


    Hi Nodos. Firstly, bit of a shock to here that sort of reply on here, especially on a hair smp forum. Skalp even quote on their website that they change peoples lives! I am sure that I speak for a lot of people on here when I say that everyone has their own reasons for getting this procedure done. And for many it is considered life changing. Have you read this forum at all, watched the video testimonials or did you just skim over everything? For some a life changing thing could be something that helps to gain confidence and feel better about themselves. What seems trivial to some (i.e. you who says it’s “just hair” which is kind of ironic considering that you’re on a hair restoration forum), is not to others. We are all individuals and in my eyes, anything that makes you feel better about yourself and able to be more confident around others, thus being more productive in life, IS LIFE CHANGING, especially if hair loss has been a traumatic experience (which it has for me as I started losing it at a very young age). I find it a bit surprising that you would say something like that. I suggest you have a read of this forum more thoroughly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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