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    Hi LJ, I have on and off days. It definitely needs more density as it is patchy in places unfortunately. My hair is light, so a light shade of pigment has been chosen. This makes sense for the blending side of things, but also means I have to shave my hair down to the skin every day otherwise it is far too noticeable. When it’s first done, the pigment is a lot darker (obviously) and you expect some fading. However this has faded so much that the slightest bit of stubble really stands out. When it is freshly done, i can go about 3 or 4 days before needing to shave my head again. Despite it being so dark, I didn’t think that it actually stood out all that much either. Now though, because it is so so light, I have to keep it REALLY short (foil shave – even the Skull Shaver, a rotary, isn’t up to the task on some days).
    Is it better than what I was working with before? In terms of coverage, yes. Am I 100% happy at the moment on a daily basis? Not really. Once I’ve had my 4th session to finish off the density, I’m hoping I’ll feel more comfortable with it. I feel I need a lot more work on my hair line (as the SMP is bloody well receeding now – give me a break!) and more blending work on the sides. I’m hoping a solid two hour session should finish it off.
    How about you LJ? Happy?



    I guess I’m a bit of an old timer here now. lol. La Roche anti shine factor 50 is the best anti shine sun cream. I also use a small amount of lanacane anti chafing cream. Works a treat.



    Don’t worry narb. You get that until the treatment is finished. Skalp will see you alright.



    Hi Narb, I’m sorry to read that you’re not 100% happy. Mine has also faded somewhat but not too badly. You and I had our first 2 sessions in the same week back in April. I read somewhere that the pigments take up to 3 months to settle / fade to its final look so I decided to hold off for the third session. Next week is the 3 month mark and my 3rd session is booked in for next Friday. I will be going a shade darker, bringing the hairline down a touch and the side profiles forward a tad.

    Good luck with your next session pal.

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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