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    Hi to those who already have made and those who are thinking about taking the decision that will change their lives.
    It’s now two years since I first visited SKALP and I thought I would update my profile to reflect on how the immediate benefits of MSP translate into the longer term.
    If you are interested in reading my back story the original postings are under the name sallas and start in December 2013 on the Forum.

    To summarise my experience to date, I don’t think I can better the advertising strap line that the treatment effectively becomes ‘a way of life’.
    Since acquiring a ‘hairline’, my daily routine has been to shave my face, then my head and moisturise – it’s as much part of me as the visual transformation that I see in the mirror and am so happy with.
    Over the past two years I have been in numerous work and social situations where people just see and react to a guy with a shaved head who as a result is quietly confident in his appearance, far more so than he ever was before the treatment.
    To date I have never received a single questioning or derogatory comment, in fact the only times people have ever refered to my appearance is to say something along the lines of – that’s some haircut I bet you save a packet in hairdressers bills!

    It’s not and never will be hair, but it a treatment that gives an appearance of a shaved head, will undoubtedly have the effect of making you look and feel younger and ironically is something of a fashionable look at the moment where loads of guys whether they have hair or not are shaving their heads .
    Two years on I can now look back on a period of greater self esteem, which has made me more confident and fulfilled, and has done nothing to hinder my life, in fact quite the opposite!
    I have been in a couple of relationships with women over this period who have openly liked the look and have not asked any questions about the treatment even when they have had their hands on my head in intimate situations!

    In summary it is the best decision I have ever made and in closing I would like to express my thanks to SKALP and in particular to my practitioner who did my treatment and whose professional technique, skill and friendly manner made this personal transformation so easy to make.
    I hope this post and my story to date gives those who are currently considering taking the step and maybe wavering to take that positive step forward.

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