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    Hi everyone, firstly it’s great to read all of the great stories on this forum. People have been very open about their experiences with not only hair loss, but the treatment itself, and it was something that kept me cheered up during the build up to my first SMP treatment. So after having gone through the whole SMP process now (completed my final session last Wednesday – 30 November), I thought I would share my story. I apologize in advance for the long post, this is literally me just throwing all of my thoughts on the table!

    Background wise – I noticed the first signs of losing my hair at age 20. I was working in retail at the time, and had always been known as “Spiky Stu”, “Sonic”, you name it, I was probably called it. I had a full head of hair, it was thick, it was spiky, and I loved it! When I hit 21, someone said to me “are you receding? Ooh man your starting to lose your hair!”. I laughed it off as I just thought maybe it was just the way my hairline was as I always had quite a strong widows peak anyway. As time went on, I noticed that I seemed to be shedding so much hair! It was that bad that it looked like a gorilla had stepped out of the shower at times. But as with all hair loss, it’s something you don’t always realize and think about, until a lot of it has gone.

    Fast forward 6 years later, and gone were the days of “Spiky Stu”. It was say hello to “Balding Stu”. At this point, I had lost a lot of hair on top and had receded significantly. I was even thinning slightly in the crown area. Even though I always like to joke about things and play along with the jokes people fired at me, deep down, it was hurting. I felt so much less confident in myself and was jealous that all of my mates were near the same age as me, and blessed with a fully head of hair. My confidence made me paranoid about what girls would think. I felt less attractive and that they would judge me (maybe subconsciously) on my hair loss. Over the years leading up to my age now (31), I started exploring options to try and remedy the situation. Propecia medication, Nanogen Nanofibres, sprays – Tried all that. I even considered a hair transplant once, but so glad I didn’t go through with it.

    OH THAT DAY WHEN I FOUND OUT ABOUT SMP!. i spent the last 4 months researching into this procedure, looking at results from various clinics, any side effects etc etc. Eventually everything just seemed to point at Skalp! I had a consultation back in July with Marcin and Dean at the Manchester Skalp clinic. They were both fantastic at making me feel at ease and assured me that the results would be amazing. Out of all the clinics, my consultation with Skalp was the first time I felt that I could have a genuine conversation with two guys who had gone through the same experiences as me. After 2 weeks of thinking about it and checking out this forum, I decided to chose Skalp for my treatment.

    I had all of my 3 sessions with Marcin. The first, was back in October. I was so nervous but Marcin made me feel very at ease and assured me every step of the way it would look great. Honestly……The day after the session though I honestly thought…”What have I done? It looks bad!”. The treatment was so red and it was hard to assess anything. But I also knew it was a mental thing, as I was not used to seeing any hairline on me! Eventually it faded and really settled down and I was so happy! My second session was a week later. After my second session, I saw a massive difference! Everything about it, the shape, the density, looked even better (I didn’t think it could get any better)! It was really dark at first, but after just a couple of weeks I was so pleased with the overall look! I know some people on these forums kept it a secret from work colleagues, but I unfortunately knew that I wouldn’t be able to as these people have known me for so long, they would know I had something done. My first week back at work, I needed to wear a hat as it hadn’t quite settled. When people asked me “why the hat?”, I told them the truth. I was proud to tell them and no-one made fun of me……In fact it was totally the opposite…..They were fascinated by the idea of such a procedure……A week later, I went to work without a hat. Initially the shock of my hair being much shorter set in to everyone. But eventually, they would later come up to me and say that they couldn’t believe that it was a tattoo. My manager randomly commented on how good it looked and said to me….”It looks so natural and if you feel better, I think it was a really good call for you to get that done”. Fast forward 5 weeks, and then everything faded more and looked even better! Most people knew I still had one more session to go and I went for my third session last Wednesday. It’s been 4 days since and yet again Marcin has done a great job. It settled so much quicker. Little blending issues were instantly fixed and the hairline was slightly tweaked. We actually spent the last half hour making sure we were both happy with the hairline.

    I will be going back to work tomorrow and have a work Christmas party coming up. It still needs to settle more but I think it looks good to not wear a hat now. Can’t wait to finally have a shower and shave tonight! Overall I feel like a new man now and I am so glad I pushed through with getting this done. Thank you so much to Marcin for the work you’ve done! It is true what people say, Marcin is a perfectionist and a magician. What I really noticed is that he is extremely confident in the work he does and is so funny! His music IS cheesy like people say, but awesome 🙂 The work that is done there is something that any guy losing his hair should check out. You have nothing to lose by booking a consultation. Go for it! . I have uploaded some images taken before my third session.

    Mr Marky

    Nice one srtcy, it’s a great feeling isn’t it mate, also a weird one actually getting your hairline back after years of not having one, looks great


    Big difference mate, you look years younger, must be chuffed!!!


    Hey both! Yeah well chuffed Harvey! And yes it is a weird feeling looking in the mirror and seeing an actual hairline! 🙂 It’s amazing the emotions you can go through, but in the end it’s worth it. People at work and at home have gotten so used to it now and say they have forgotten what I looked like before. That’s obviously a testament to just how natural the procedure looks. Glad I went through with it. Thanks guys! 🙂


    welcome to the club lol, looking good

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