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    Hi again,after a month of my second session i decided to
    go for back for a 3rd one,I had a issue with my side hair cause is too thick and grows very fast and it made look the second treatment look too light ,I spoke to Graig about it and he understood my needs,he went a little bit darker just too match the side hair.I finally had my 3rd session and I’m so happy I can believe what this guy did in my head he is definitely and artist ,ones again Thank you Graig and Skalp you are AMAZING.


    liking shape on this will nice style man what was you like before m8 very receeded or just abit ??? looking at same sorta coverage and front style as you myself the sides look ace too not pointy , Looks very natural just like normal shaved head congrats m8


    Gotta say that is one of the best SMPs I’ve seen, if not the best. Awesome!


    @William that looks really good man. That look suits you very nicely in my opinion. Graig really does have a great attention to detail.


    Thank you,Graig is amazin,I’m so happy with the results.

    ken miller

    Looks great William! I’ve been really happy with my 2nd session look, going to schedule my 3rd now.



    Graig is doing my treatment, as well, and I’m very happy so far. Just waiting to go back for my 3rd session. Yours looks absolutely natural! Enjoy!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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