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    its been a while since posted on here, after about 12 months of treatment you tend to stop reading posts and get on enjoying life
    i may write a lengthy post about my treatment one day, but for now if anyone wants to see my posts just put my user in the search bar
    quick recap
    1st treatment in feb 2014 in manchester, i had hid under a hat for around 15 years practically 24 hrs a day and as i also had psoriasis my scalp was in very poor condition, i had around 6 treatments although not 6 full ones, a couple had to be aborted because my scalp was breaking up and bleeding bad,
    They never gave up on me , it was a challenge for him but we got there in the end. my last session was july 2015.
    my confidence grew and grew and i started to go out hatless, started to go out to bars again and other public places,
    it was a roller coaster of a journey to start with but im on cloud 9 now
    oh and i just turned 53
    here is a couple pics from last couple months , one slightly blurred its 3 years since last session and ive not had any work done since


    Great treatment, very very natural


    Have you had any top ups in the last 4 years Mark?


    Thank you


    Not had any touch ups since
    As I said it’s just over 4 years since I started treatment
    That was feb 2014 and last one was June 2015!
    So it’s almost 3 years since last session
    I keep thinking about it , my missus says it’s fine
    I Know it’s a big decision , but changed my life 100%

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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