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    Well, I’ve just had a 5th session at Skalp to correct a couple of very minor imperfections and to change the hairline slightly, and the results are absolutely amazing. Really, really pleased. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. I haven’t worn a hat for a few months now, and to be honest I don’t even think about it anymore.

    I’m unfortunate to have some of the biggest mickey takers around in my family, but…NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM HAS EVEN NOTICED. Not my dad, not my sister, not my stepmother…nobody. They genuinely haven’t. I think my hair looks fab, but it’s obviously so realistic, natural and subtle that they haven’t noticed.

    What I would say is that it may take a while to achieve the desired results, depending on your skin type. I have VERY sensitive skin, so it has taken a while and quite a few months to get it right, and I might still need to go back to get the peak made a little darker if it lightens up too much, but the guys at Skalp will get you there.

    I was extremely skeptical after my first couple of sessions, but now I absolutely love it.

    For those guys who have sensitive skin, this is what I do to ensure that each treatment holds:

    1) I have the treatment on Thursday and take the Thursday and Friday off work, so the redness has time to subside before I go back to work on Monday.
    2) I don’t touch my head at all on the Friday after the treatment. No moisturiser, no shower, no shaving…nothing.
    3) On the Saturday and Sunday I apply the A & D ointment that Skalp provide you with. But still, no showers or shaving.
    4) On the Monday morning before I go to work, I run an electric shaver lightly over my head, have a light shower (water only) and apply Loreal Men Expert Hydra-Energetic moisturiser. This is expensive (about £8 for a VERY small pot), but it works well for me.
    5) I repeat step 4 every day until Thursday evening, 1 week after the treatment. I then used Boots Clear Skin face cleanser to wash my scalp with. It’s good at removing dead skin and excess oil. I wash my head with this in the shower every night before I go to bed. I avoid using a wet razor for the next couple of days.
    6) On the Sunday, about 10 days after the initial treatment, I have my first wet shave. I then just shower and shave at night before I go to bed, which leaves a nice, subtle stubble effect for the next day.

    Hopefully this will help someone who is struggling at the beginning. Works for me!

    I’ve attached a pic of the new hair do, a few hours after treatment. I’m so pleased with the results that I have agreed to do a video if they want.


    Hi :
    Keep us up to date with your progress; It looks good.


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