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    Bit of background. I had the SMP treatment done back in 2011 by another clinic. Going from horseshoe back to a hairline was a big change and without doubt the best thing I did. So fast forward 6 years and I decided to get a touch up and get the hairline softened at Skalp.

    Before I get into the review I just want to say to all those thinking about getting the treatment to STOP WASTING TIME and pull the trigger. 6 years since I had the treatment and up to a week before the touch up appointment I was still getting the “You’ve got a full head of hair, why don’t you grow it out?” comments. It really is the perfect solution, a natural look with absolute zero maintenance.

    So back to the review – I have been very happy with my experience at Skalp. SMP was relatively a new thing 6 years ago when I first got the treatment and while I was happy with the results, I always felt the hairline was a bit too sharp and didn’t have that natural soft look. And with the tattoo slightly fading around the horseshoe again (only to my own trained eye and to my wife who obviously knew what to look out for, everyone else was still none the wiser) I felt it was time to book myself in again for a touch up.
    Derek is not only a pro but a perfectionist. He’s passionate about what he does,takes pride in his work, and won’t let up on the needle until the job is completely done. Near the end it was all about a final touch here and there, stepping back, having another look and then getting back to it. Only when both of us were a 100% happy did we call it a day.

    I’m very pleased with the result, 2nd day and the redness is down, ink is blending in nicely and that softer hairline is already looking a lot better.

    Thanks again!

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