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    I’m booked in with Marcin in early September but forgot to ask a few questions during my consultation

    I would appreciate any advice

    I still have hair on top with reseeding sides and not much on the crown
    Classic horseshoe effect I think that’s the term used

    As the hair on top is not particularly dense do the dots just get located in between ???

    Once completed will I need to keep my head shaved or can you have a little growth of the remaining hair on top to give that natural spiky feeling

    I have 4 days before I’m back to work after 1st treatment will it have settled down by then

    Any thoughts would be welcome


    Hi Blues, firstly you are in good hands with Marcin. The guy is a perfectionist. He really does the most natural hairline possible. If you look at my post on Edinburgh clinic you’ll see what I mean!
    When I got my first session done I shaved it on the Saturday with an electric rotary so by Monday the stubble wasn’t too long. The treatments is done / blended throughout the balding area even if there’s a wee bit if hair on top. What I do now is shave the sides and back and all bald areas really with a rotary shaver every second day. I only lightly catch the top transplanted hair and believe me the blend is fantastic. When I run my hand over my full head it’s stubble I feel!
    On the days in between I use the balding clippers as it keeps it a level enough to blend. Just as long as you keep the existing hair to a stubble shorter than a zero it’ll blend. Only those with diffuse hair loss can get away with a zero all over.


    Cheers mate thanks for taking the time to reply
    I need to get some clippers in preparation is it the wahl balding clippers you use ?

    excuse my ignorance, but what is diffuse hair loss ?



    Yes but also a Phillips rotary. The clippers I only use on top. I know my routine is a bit complicated but it leaves just the right amount of stubble. Most of the guys here that don’t wet shave use the Braun series ( 7) but I’ve heard that the bald eagle shaver is good too.
    Diffuse is where you have hair on the main areas of your head but it’s thinning.
    Is your hair short at the moment ?


    Thanks again CH
    yes it relatively short I just use the blade on my clippers at the lowest setting but I don’t think it will be short enough tho hence me looking to invest in a better pair that gets a bit closer to the wood .
    I’ve a few weeks to go yet getting excited already.

    Your treatment looks great mate I take it your all done
    it’s great that your still prepared to offer advice
    fair play


    I’m so enthusiastic about it mate. I’ve still my third to get. Only going to drop the hairline a fraction. It was my crown and top I hated. Now it’s sorted. I also had a transplant scar which has vanished unless pointed out. The good thing is whilst I’m no longer bald it’s subtle enough that nobody has noticed unless I’ve pointed it out or those that have just think I’ve cut my hair in even shorter!


    hi blues
    once you have had the treatment you will find your own method of shaving that suits you best
    its 16 months since my first treatment and I’m still finding new ways of shaving my head
    i have 2 electric shavers , the cheap r91 and a Remington rotary, but i found i wasn’t getting even shaves. so i started wet shaving. using blue disposable razors and then recently onto the gillette rollerball ones.
    i dont really like the bare skin feel but it was even all over and lasted a bit longer.
    then about a month ago i started getting shaving bumps / spots, .
    i had s small touch up session on 12th july and didn’t want my scalp being in bad condition so i bought the braun series 7 foil shaver and have never looked back, its amazing, expensive , but amazing.
    the way coconut described may or may not be suitable for you,
    a wet shave or using the braun s 7 will keep you going for the day. i normally do mine last thing at night,
    if your existing hair grows fast and is thick and tough and dark it may be best to shave all the way down rather than trying to blend it. as it may be noticeable after a few hours.
    once you get it done you will find your way


    Coconut head that reassuring that it’s very subtle I work in an office and on site with contractors so I’m expecting a bit of banter

    Markyb thanks for the advice I’ve seen a few post regarding the Braun 7
    Like you say I’ll suss it out

    Cheers both


    Been milling with the idea of the series 7 or the bald eagle marky. Is it like a wet shave or is there stubble ?
    Blues, all the best and let us all know how it goes.


    I’ve never wet shaved, but I do have a Braun 390 and a bald eagle skull shaver. The skull shaver is rotatory and doesn’t handle any length to the stubble, if I go over 1 day then its a struggle, but the Braun 390 (same a series 7 just less powerful) can handle the day 4 shave easy enough. Both give a close shave which lasts me 24 hours. If my Braun 390 gives up at any point I would probably invest in the Braun Series 7, but no point at the minute when I have the 390. I don’t think the Skull shaver is ok on its own unless you shave everyday without fail. Most people have a few different methods of shaving and flick between them depending on circumstances. I think its a case of trying what you have and see how it goes then investing in something new if your not getting the results you want. Don’t go out and kit yourself out with expensive gear and creams etc until you have seen how you get on. I already had the Braun 390 which I used on my face, I rushed out to buy the Skull Shaver before my first treatment, which is good and worth the money, but if I had waited and tried the Braun on my head I probably wouldn’t have bothered with the Skull Shaver. Basically if you have something to hand already give that ago first and take it from there. Most stuff can be bought on the net and delivered next day so no need to rush into getting anything.


    I’d say the series 7 is like a wet shave feel
    Does not las quite as long but is an excellent shaver
    3 speed as well
    It also works great on my face
    About 3 years ago I had laser eye treatment and the next day treated myself to an expensive pair of ray ban sunglasses
    So spending 3k on your scalp deserves the best shaver
    Best price was Argos
    Wish I’d bought it from day 1 instead of buying 2 cheaper inferior shavers

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