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    Hi there,
    I had a touch-up session done at Skalp.com’s London clinic.
    I am very pleased with the results so far. Three practitioners, Ollie and Jason and Marcin worked on it. I have to say they did a really good job. It looks quite symmetrical now and the hairline is much softer.
    I also went down to 20 in terms of pigments (from 32, 30, 28 and 26 before). The hairline is also lower and the sides have been brought in.

    It was supposed to be just a 2-hour touch-up session to correct the hairline and go over some areas that had faded. But Marcin moved forward very carefully, so I probably spent more that 4 hours at the clinic.


    My back story

    This was my 5th treatment. The last 4 were with another company.
    I had my first 3 session in early 2013 at another company. The practitioner there : Jason. I was actually quite happy with the result.

    In Jan 2014 there was a quite some fading, so I had TouchUp session at that other clinic. At this time Jason had already left that company. So there was a new practitioner. Unfortunately, I left quite dissatisfied. The hairline wasn’t really symmetrical and it ended up quite patchy.

    I really needed another touchup. But under no circumstance I would go back to that new practitioner. So I did some googling and found Jason now being at skalp. And that is how I ended up here.


    Day 4.

    The redness is gone. But it is quite dotty. At that point, if one had a closer look, one could see something is wrong.


    Day 9.

    The dotty appearance is gone. It already looks quite natural. But it might lighten up a bit within the next weeks, as it always did in the weeks after my previous sessions.

    Overall I got to say I am really happy. I now have the hairline I always wanted. 🙂

    Oh, and if anybody from Berlin, Germany is curious how a scalp pigmentation looks in real during daylight, feel free to message me.


    Hi ,
    I am in Berlin .
    Lets meet up for a beer!
    Sounds like a good plan.
    Ruf mich an ! 015142524980



    Now that I read your nickname “Hertha BSC”, I could have figured where you are from. Took me a while though.
    Let’s do this. I am back in Berlin in about a week .
    See you then


    You back in berlin yet mate ?



    I had another session with this week.
    And the result is outright spectacular.

    It became kinda necessary as the pigments I had done by the other company where all too inconspicuous compared to the ones done by Jason in September. One could almost only see the new ones. So it appreared quite dotty. This time they just filled in the blank spots. The look is much more natural ( and darker 😉 ) now.

    I noticed one funny thing:
    This time I could just walk outside afterwards and – if one did not inspect my head – it looked outright normal. Of course, it was still red, but besides that … I did not use a hat, because I was afraid of sweating. But nobody on my way home gave me weird looks. Although that is not entirely true, the customs officer at the airport checked my passport at least 5 times and gave me quite unbelieving looks before he let me pass 😉


    Day 3.
    the redness is completely gone. No dotty or fake appearance whatsoever.

    I am loving it.


    Hey There,

    I had another (and for now final) )TouchUp-Session on Wednesday. It was just a quick one, to soften the hairline a bit, add a bit more density and to fad it more down on the back and on the sides.
    Ollie did a great job. The hairline is just beautiful work. And even the spots above my ears, where i had by nature just very thin blond hair, got now darkened.

    I am very pleased with the result.


    Jason and Ollie thank you all very much to all of you.
    You all did a wonderful job. The results are so much better than expected.
    Now I finally have hair. Thank you


    It looks nice indoors, could you share some outdoor pics, with natural light ? thanks and congratulations on your newfound happiness


    I’ll do it in a few day, when I am allowed to shave it again.


    Hey there,

    here some more pictures, even outdoor ones. Around 10 weeks after the “final” treatment. So hopefully I dont have to expect more fading in the near/medium term.
    Overall, I got to to say, I am still very happy with the result. Thank you, guys.

    For comparison, I included a picture taken by a professional photographer two weeks after the final treatment.
    Well, one can definitely see that I got quite a lot lighter during the 8 weeks in between.
    I kinda like the darkness in this one much better. So I might show up in London during summer to have my skalp a few shades darkened again. 🙂


    hey, your results are simply amazing, I cannot believe how authentic this looks, im 26 and started to lose my hair about 2 years ago :'( but not im not worried at all after seeing results like this. At first I was going to go with the other more promoted SMP company which i will not mention the name, but their results in pictures never seemed to convince me, well I am glad I found skalp..images say it all…And I cant wait to get my money together for my treatment and get my gremlins killed. :)..please post more pics!


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