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    Hi guys,

    I recently had a consultation with skalp and pretty sure I want to take the plunge but have a few worries.

    I work with all blokes in a very laddish environment so if I come into work with something really obvious it may be worse than the occasional abuse I get for going bald!

    Questions are:

    How long is the recovery time? As in for the dots to settle down?
    How long would I need to take off work?

    What are the guys thoughts that have had the treatment on having the SMP hairline when they’re 50+

    I’m looking for a subtle receded look so hope this is achievable.

    Thanks in advance for any advice

    Photo attached


    Mike67, I share your concerns as I work in a prison!! I’m due in the chair in 11 days and whilst I obviously have mire questions than answers at this stage I do know that nothing would stop me going this. This is for me. I’m 45 and gave never been one for settling. Baldness is the one thing I figured I’d have to live with but now I have an option. Interested in the more informed response you get!!


    Cheers Longrange69, I’m in a very similar job,

    Are you just being up front that you’re having the treatment or going for a subtle look? How much time you booking off work? I’m thinking 2 weeks so have one treatment first day off and the next a week later.

    Dunno if I can handle going into work with a load of big dots on my head!


    We pretty much in the same place in many ways, I think!! Week off or session one and three, only two days off for session two. I spoke with Tony (see videos) as he’s our age or thereabouts about the going back to work aspect. I mentioned big dots and he said it isn’t like that as the needle is tiny. I’ll be at work for three days before having another three off. I think (hope) that maybe I’m so focused on this that I forget that the effect is subtle (I too will be going or a light, slightly receded look) and that whilst this may be dominating my thoughts my bald head isn’t dominating theirs!! We’ll see. This is why though I mentioned in my previous post that ultimately this is for me and a bit of ribbing is a small price to pay for feeling like myself again. Anyway, I can always pull rank ;). You live once, Mike 67…


    Don’t worry about anything mike67.

    The photos on here actually don’t do it justice and they look good. It just looks better in real life.

    Dots can be a little bit bigger initially but they calm down quite quickly.

    Go for it cos you won’t regret it.


    Thanks guys,

    How quickly do the dots calm down? I would be really self concious going into work with large dots on my head!

    I’ll attach a pic of what style I’m looking for


    From my own experience, I would say that the redness takes about 4 days to subside, and the tiny scabs take about 7 days to flake off. If you can, I think it would be prudent to book a week off work, especially for your first session.

    All depends on your skin though. You might find that you can go back to work within just a few days, maybe even after the weekend.


    Thanks baldeagle, I saw your diary and you got quite stressed yourself. I take it you’re happy now?

    I think I’ll take two weeks off and have the first treatment then the second a week later so then got another full week to heal!

    Cheers for the advice guys


    It has only been two days since my third session, but the early signs are promising (touch wood). Looking better so far. The hairline will need a small adjustment in a fourth session, and knowing my skin it will still be a bit patchy, but I THINK I’m getting there.


    Sounds like a plan, mike67 😉

    Please to hear you’re feeling more confident, bald eagle 🙂

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