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    Advice please
    This is my first post….

    I was looking for some advice and would be really grateful for any help. I am at the very final stages of considering SMP. At the moment I shave my head with an electric razor and I hide my hair loss with nanogen fibers. Please see the pictures attached sorry they aren’t the best quality…. my question is will SMP look better than what I am currently doing?? Again sorry for the poor quality images.

    For me I think the main pro of smp is that it is permanently there and looks natural. However I have seen some images even on this forum were I was not impressed with the final result- (despite the users being happy with their results). I have also seen some amazing results on this forum to.

    I am considering SMP as I am trying to switch away from Nanogens as navigating in the rain can be difficult it is an instant give away if I get caught in the rain as the rain leaves blotches on my scalp! Sometimes I accidentally scratch my head and that leave marks which again gives the game away. I am considering smp as it is rain proof and scratch proof 🙂 however I am aware that I will need to wear a hat in the sun due to fading and that it costs a lot more than using nanogens. I am also worried about being In the position where the SMP doesn’t look right and I am topping it up using nanogens to add density / camouflage that would be defeat the whole purpose of SMP and would not justify the cost.

    Thanks for your help – in summary do you think SMP will look better than what I am currently doing with my scalp? Any help / opinions would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks everyone 🙂


    It bugs me when people come on here and say ‘I’ve seen some photos on this forum that dont look that real’. In the same breath u even mentioned the actual client is really happy with their result. So lets focus on that:
    Have you seen SMP in real life?
    Have you been to a consultation?
    Have asked anyones opinion on ur own fibre solution??
    The fibres are not a good look, the hairline is too low and unnatural. If i were u, I’d rock the bald look and shave it all off, or I’d go for smp. SMP, when done by pros like Skalp, looks incredible. Go for a consultation, and tell me I’m wrong.
    SMP is life changing. Just make sure ur ready for that change before u commit, then enjoy the ride 🙂


    Dear Narb,

    Many thanks for your reply. Sorry if you got annoyed. I was only giving my opinion. I am generally very observant and often even notice things that others do not. You are absolutely right if the client is happy then that is the main thing. But a happy client does not necessarily mean that something looks good- take fashion for example we all have different tastes 🙂
    To answer your questions:
    Yes I have seen SMP in real life. Some looked very realistic but I have also seen some that look terrible and all were done by the same company.
    Yes I have been to a consultation. I had a long list of questions and I was very impressed with the practitioner’s knowledge and passion.
    Yes I have asked a small number of people on their opinion on my nanogens. I stress though that I have not asked many- as people still think I have hair! I used to have long hair and used fibres to cover up my thinning hair. It looked amazing for a while but the more hair loss I suffered the less realistic it looked. After thinking hard I decided that I was going to shave it all off and rock the bald look but then I discovered the nanogen sprayer. After I shaved to off I starting to conceal my hair loss with the nanogen sprayer and so many people asked me why I had shaved my hair off and kept asking me when I was going to grow it long again- That was two years ago and people to this day keep asking me when I am going to grow my hair again. I take that to mean that they haven’t worked out that I have no hair on top and thus it must look realistic as they would otherwise not keep asking me.

    I accept that there are many problems with using nanogens….
    The length of time it takes to get ready! RAIN is a big problem and people wanting to touch my scalp causes problems and there are many more! Hence why I am considering SMP.

    Future with SMP –
    I am hoping that SMP looks good on me. But I think a lot of it depends on the user’s skin and how the ink looks after it has been applied- some people get thick blobs which don’t look great. It can be hard to predict how one’s skin is going to react.
    Very lastly those pictures I shared of myself are awful I picked ones where I thought the fibres looked bad as I wanted to present them at their worst to get the best feedback from people.

    I am seriously considering SMP. I have done so much research for the last 15 years and it seems to be the best thing at present. Ultimately I am hoping for a cure (probably though stem cells – although safety does concern me). Until then I will continue to mask my hair loss. I am just worried about how SMP will look on me as sorry to say but it just looks better on some people than it does on others and I think this is related to how the ink settles into the skin. I know it is one of the cheaper alternatives but it is still a lot of money.

    Can I ask you a few questions?
    Have you had SMP? If so how long ago? Have you had any touch ups? Experienced any fading? Lastly are you willing to share a picture? If you do not want to then that is ok but I would be very grateful if you could answer my questions / respond to my post. I am very keen to learn from your experience as I can tell that you are passionate about SMP. Again thank you so much for responding. i hope others do to!

    Lastly if I do go for SMP. I will record everything and am happy to share my experience with others. If it turns out to be a success I will champion SMP to others 🙂


    Great to hear you’ve done so much research. Perhaps more research into Skalp themselves will help clear things up. They’re so far ahead of the game. Look at their instagram account for a ton of pictures ( The soft hairlines they can achieve are incredible. They don’t do big dots, it all looks extremely natural imo.
    Bottom line is: does SMP look better than what you’re currently rocking with? If it does, and you can afford it and you want to commit, than its an incredible confidence booster. I’ve had it for well over a year now and my experience is totally positive. Exciting, scary and confusing sometimes, but it leads to the best possible place 🙂


    Thanks Narb, I will check out their Instagram page. I think Nanogens look good but it is embarrassing when they go wrong and it’s risky going for walks especially when the weather changes! Thanks for sharing your experience. SMP can look great. I just hope I am not in the position were I get it done and then regret it. I will check out their Instagram page. You are definitely right Skalp seem way ahead of everyone which is why I chose them and I certainly hope everything can be finalised within the three sessions and that the long term touch ups are minimal. Cheers ?

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