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    Hi I have finally decided to go ahead with the treatment.
    I have Just a few questions if you guys can help me.
    Pre treatments? moisturizer , shampoo extra

    Has anyone yet applied for the Finance?

    Grooming tips what do you guys use to shave after treatment is finished?

    Any help would be great!



    Hi Mathew85
    Had my first treatment feb2014
    Mine was max price of 3k
    I had the cash for it but decided to leave it in the bank and take the interest free credit
    Worked out about £229 a month over 12 months
    With regards to pre treatment, best to shave head in advance
    This helps you get used to a shaved head
    And apply plenty moisuriser
    Need to get scalp in top condition
    Mine wasn’t due to psoriasis, and I had more treatments than normal
    And it took me longer to get there
    But Skalp stuck with me and we got there
    With regards to after treatment , you will find out what works best for you
    I’ve done em all, wet shave , electric razor
    And I used to do a combination of both , but about 2 months ago I decided to buy the excellent braun series 7 shaver ,
    Not cheap at around £180 but does an excellent job,
    My Remington did not even come close


    I went for finance too. Very easy to deal with.
    Shave a few weeks before and Lots of moisturiser. Re aftercare. I was recommended by Marcin to buy the bald eagle shaved as I wanted a bit of stubble left. It’s fantastic for the money. After shaving I put on factor 50 la Roche posay anti shine sun cream. I then finish this with a tiny amount of Peter Thomas Roth primer. Can only get this online. It’s a bit expensive but having tried other things works best for me.



    Thanks for the help 🙂
    The finance option sounds good and an affordable option by the sounds of it, it was the only thing holding me back so I’ll get that sorted ASAP.
    I think I’ll shave my hair to a zero before the first session, that should be short enough I think.

    Ok so any specific moisturiser or can I use any, what would works best?
    The Braun 7 sound good ,I’ve heard about it before. I do get slight irritation from wet shave sometimes :/

    Cannot wait!!!



    Most people Nivea after sun
    I’m not keen on the scent plus
    I have to be careful due to my skin
    I like the Vaseline lotion
    The one in the yellow bottle
    I also love pure coconut oil, a bit greasy but helped me a lot
    Depending on how much hair you have left you will pro ally need to go closer than a zero following treatment, you get used to it
    I didn’t like wet shaving , but it enable even shave , but I started getting shave spots
    Having already spent money on 2 shavers that were not that good I was reluctant to spend any more, but series 7 was a big step up
    And an excellent shaver


    Thanks MarkyB

    Yeah I think I would prefer it without the scent, Coconut oil sounds perfect.
    Guna pick up Braun series 7 as the reviews online also seem good. I heard about one called the Bald Eagle also but
    I think that’s more expensive. I just want something that will take my Hair to the shortest it can be without using a Mach 3 blade that will make my skin sensitive and red.



    Both are good shavers mate. The bald eagle is under £100 on amazon but doesn’t cut as close but the stubble it gives is perfect for me.
    I also bought the wahl balding clipper but you need to use them everyday/ sometimes twice per day.

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