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    I have never ever signed up to any forum before but after going through my first treatment today it was only right that I shared my experience with anyone who might one day be in a similar position. First of all what you initially hear about Skalp is all very true. The customer care and their ability to make you feel at ease runs exactly parallel with their own ability to craft a truly amazing SMP. The guys here at Skalp truly are professionals at what they do and really have the potential to change a lot of lives if ones life seem to be struggling with the thought and process of hair-loss.
    This Revolutionary, and state of the art procedure should not be taken lightly and believe me when i tell you this, IT GIVES OUTSTANDING RESULTS. At the age of 23 and still living at home it was a very tough task convincing my family that this is actually suited for me. Initially people will tell you not to be so stupid and that it will look artificial or fake, but believe me, do your homework properly and you will have nothing but complete trust and faith that Skalp and the SMP treatment will work wonders for you. I actually turned up this afternoon with nothing but pure excitement as i had complete faith the guys here would look after me. Also, the look on my mum and sisters face when i arrived home was priceless as it was almost like a big, gentle middle finger at them as i knew deep down that going with Skalp was going to be a good decision. It was almost like a big I TOLD YOU SO as they were so adamant that i was making a HUGE mistake. If it was up to them i would still be a depressed mess in my bedroom never wanting to go out of the house again. Already even after my first session it looks amazing and i would be happy even if they left it like this (even though i know they wouldn’t as i still have a 2nd and maybe 3rd session to go).
    Ollie, my practitioner, was amazing. accompanied by an equally enthusiastic apprentice Antonio who did nothing but put my slight nerves at ease as when you meet the team in person you will realise how professional they are. It really isn’t a gimmick, or a show. Ollie spent a good while preparing the hair-line and is nothing short of an expert in the field of Natural hairlines and have faith that he will design and create the most accurate, natural look for your face and structure. obviously you can change this as its your own personal preference but i personally believe your better off following their guidelines as they do this for a living. This again would emphasise the choice of opting for Skalp as its their credible knowledge and experience that are vital for a successful and more importantly REALISTIC SMP. Also it become pretty apparent that Ollie has some form of OCD as after numerous times of saying he was finished he would go back to perfect the outcome even further, and believe me in a industry like this, that kind of attention to detail is extremely rare. most of the bigger companies just want as many clients in and out of the door as quick as possible. You will never get that here at Skalp.
    lastly in terms of pain i will be completely honest and its not totally painless. you will feel a slight discomfort but then again they have to tattoo tiny pigments into the skin, so you’ll have to be a bit naive to think the process is completely pain-free. After the session is complete however the pain is completely irrelevant as the results will genuinely blow your mind and i personally, would happily do it all again as experiencing a little bit of discomfort for me only emphasises the joy of the rewarded outcome at the end.
    I hope this maybe helped anyone who was curious as i personally found the forum on here extremely helpful in making my decision. And i 100 percent believe that Skalp are the best out there for what they do and they genuinely have the potential to change a lot of people lives just like they have changed mine. I give them 10/10 and will never forgot what they guys have done for me. Thank you so much Ollie and Antonio for your amazing line of work!!
    All the best, james.


    Truly thanks to you James to trust us and share this experience with us , if you’re happy then we’re happier 🙂
    Can’t wait to see your second session !!!
    All the best bro 🙂


    Rj91 – great news!! Genuinely thrilled for you. Two weeks today I’ll be in the chair with Ollie so no doubt I’ll be feeling like you do too!!

    Just excitement for me too and I’m 45!!!

    Enjoy every minute, mate 😉


    Well done on having the treatment.

    Sounds like your experience has been very good.

    Benjamin Kramer

    I was so nervous on my first treatment.

    Great feeling like you when it was done.


    Hey James… I met you briefly while you were in the chair, was there for a consultation.

    Curious to know how soon the redness settled.. when are you booked in for your next session? Have you ventured out?

    Great to hear how happy it has made you.


    Well done on your treatment so far.

    Treatment normally settles down within a few days


    hello maximus! the redness had settled considerably around the hairline by the next morning (only under close inspection might you be able to notice) but by day 2/3 it had all completely blended in. Even around my existing scar from a stupid HT had been minimised considerably and had blended in by day 3. i would imagine that the minimisation of redness will vary from patient to patient but it shouldn’t last any longer than a few days.
    I have just finished up with my 2nd treatment exactly 7 days after session 1 and I am genuinely still in shock and amazed at the results that Ollie has created for me. There are too many words to explain how positive this whole experience has been for me, it truly is a remarkable and revolutionary procedure.
    At first i was slightly nervous before meeting ollie as i had done most of my research online and i had only seen a few reviews on his work (all of which were extremely positive) so i thought he must be new and used my initiative that Skalp would only hire the best and went for it.
    It turns out he is an experienced member of the skalp team. He is just an extremely modest guy and never expects anything in return. In other words he is a true professional.
    My honest advice for anyone who is suffering at the hands of hair-loss is to make the effort to come visit these guys in london at the Harley street clinic and see for yourself how amazing these dudes are. I will be extremely surprised if your not seriously impressed by how they go about their business.
    Anyway I cannot thank Ollie enough for making this possible and creating a fantastic look for me, i will never forget the experience and i wish you all the best for the future! MANY THANKS BRO!


    Great news for me and for you that you’re so happy as I’m in the chair with Ollie a week tomorrow!!

    All the best 😉


    How’s it going now? Do you have any photos
    to share?

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