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    I felt I should share my story as all the other posts helped with giving me the push to go ahead with treatment.

    I found out about the treatment almost 2 years ago now on Facebook, since then I have been almost obsessed with the treatment, think I must of watched every video about smp on youtube twice over, researched it constantly, went to 4 consultations at other companies, to say i’m picky is an understatement, I know I wanted it but I just wanted to make sure I chose the right place to get it done.

    After going to all the consultations Skalp stood out a mile from the natural hairlines to the colour matching and the customer service has been first class, the guys in the London office made me felt at ease straight away as all the practitioners have it done, at some of the other clinics I felt rushed and didn’t even see people with the treatment, they just showed me photos, at 2 clinics they said the practitioner that would be doing it were going to be women, nothing against them but personally I wanted a male that has gone through baldness, they would obviously have a better understanding if they have gone through the process themselves, seen some crazy shape/sharp hairlines at some of them too.

    I’ve just finished the last session and couldn’t be happier, I know I can be a nightmare perfectionist but Jason has got the hairline spot on and colour is matched perfectly.

    I was pretty much bald on the top of my head with the standard horseshoe, been shaving for years.

    I can’t thank Jason and Skalp enough, like everyone says I don’t know why I waited so long but just glad I did it, happy to answer any questions.



    Nice hairline and the blending looks spot on


    Now that is a natural looking hairline

    Daniel A

    Yes agreed great hairline, unbelievable you were completely bald on top before


    Wow that is a great result, you just be chuffed!

    Mr Marky

    Looks great mate!


    Havent been on here for ages, thought I’d pop in and say hello!

    My treatment is still amazing and loving it, no sign of needing a touchup or anything yet, maybe another year or 2.

    Keep up the good work Skalp 👌


    I just joined the skalp hairline club myself and I know exactly how you feel! yours looks great

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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