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    Hi Guys, I am penciled in for my first on the 27th of this month. I am not at all nervous, just looking forward to the new life that this treatment seems to offer!

    The only issue I have if you can call it an issue is that I don’t clean shave my head or even take it all the way down, I keep a bit of length on it as I still have a fair bit of hair on top and even a hair line of sorts at the front! I have a bald crown and fairly light on top but I shave it tight on the sides and leave it a bit longer on top to create an illusion!

    Anyone else out there had similar thoughts?

    Also, a funny observation, I am not worried about seeing most of my friends after the procedure but I have a few baldy friends and I reckon they will twig straight away, I’ve not seen this issue brought up before! Lets face it, we all know if we have a bald mate and then he magically sprouts some killer follicles! Just a thought I had!

    Great forum, helped mw with my decision making process!


    Hi Scobiejoe ,
    Welcome to the forum!
    Nobody will notice what you have done unless you tell them .
    They will see you look different but won´t know what it is .
    You will have to take it in to get the best results .
    Don´t know how close you are wearing at the moment but if you have a couple of days growth it´s not going to look great!
    When your shaved to the bone you will look fantastic !
    Good luck with your treatment .
    You´re in safe hands !


    Without actually seeming pictures of your hair its hard to tell if you will need to wet shave.

    Personally I think everyone has to keep it close and tight for the best results.


    I have had two session done with Jason and I’m very impressed with the results. I think my hair line/scale would be between a Norwood 3v and a 4. I don’t like the wet shave look myself but it is so much easier to mange. I have wet shaved for a few years and I prefer the look the day after shaving just as some stubble comes back. My intention was to use clippers once I had had the SMP procedure. I brought the balding clippers and it took me quite a while to actually shave my hair plus I nicked myself a few times and managed to miss a few bits. It was a complete ball ache and took me about 20 minute plus and extras 5 minutes to clear up.

    I went back to wet shaving because its far quicker plus you tend not to miss bits. I try to shave in the evening because it gives you a 10/12 hours for the regrowth (if you have any) and by lunchtime the following day its not far off the look I like. Because I am not completely bald I actually leave mine a few days before shaving again and it look fine. That said its different for everyone, hair colour, how bald you are etc.

    Good luck with your treatment and I can assure you you’ll be looked after.


    Here are a few pics of the shortest I wear it!

    How do you guys think this will work for me? I’m booked in now anyway so what the hell!

    Cheers for the replies lads!


    And another




    Hi there skalp mates, it’s been over a year now since I had my first treatment with Damon ,in Manchester time goes so fast when your having fun . Just a post to check in will try to get some pics on I’m still over the moon with mine. , I also had some hair and have to shave each day but after some time it’s just part of having the look just make sure if you shave to mosture the skalp with a good cream . I had a very dry skalp to start with . Any way I’m going to book in with Damon at the end of the month just to have a check up . That’s one more good thing the after care of skalp . There if you need them . Good luck with your first treatment guys .louis

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