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    Just come across this Matt Moisturiser anyone tried it? At 50p a tube its worth a try even if it only lasts a couple of hours.

    Asda Matt Moisturiser



    Shame Its got Behenyl Alcohol in it.


    I get that one Seems ok .
    Never checked to see how long it lasts,
    But I’ve always had a greasy scalp.
    With regards to alcohol ,Nivea has 2 different types of alcohol in it
    As do most products .
    I’ve started using Vaseline essential moisture In a yellow bottle .
    Damon as it in clinic and he’s used it on my scalp when it was breaking up .
    That’s got alcohol in it as well.
    After a wet shave it seems to damp the shine down .
    All I do then during the day is use the super drug anti shine papers ,
    Even blotting scalp with tissue seems to help .
    After a while with this treatment you stop worrying about a lot of things and just get on with it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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