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    Thank you Antonio,

    I completed my second session yesterday in London with Antonio (The Magician). I am over the moon with the results, It has been an emotional roller-coaster losing my hair over the years and at times I felt down and depressed because of it. This treatment has literally changed my life, its like I found my youthful self again which I lost, I saw results literally from the first session I couldnt believe it when I first saw my hairline restored, it was very emotional because I had given up and I never thought I could have it back.

    This is by far the best treatment for guys with baldness, I would recommend this to any guy out there contemplating getting the procedure done, I finally made my mind up after I got the mockup they sent back to me, once I saw that I knew for certain I wanted to go ahead with it. I would encourage anyone thinking about having it done to stop being a PUSSY and GO FOR IT, have the consultation and get your mockup done. The team are really friendly, as soon you walk in they wait for you by the door and they greet you. As I walked in Derek approached me and started a friendly chat about the procedure which made me feel relaxed and ready.

    Antonio completed my procedure, he is an artist really meticulous with his work he knew exactly the look I was going for and he matched it. I am really happy with the outcome, everything went better than I thought. I got exactly what I wanted, if you are waiting to have the treatment done JUST DO IT, trust me its your only option.

    Finally a big thanks to Antonio for doing a great job, I also want to thank SKALP for helping guys like me get our confidence and life back. I have uploaded a few pictures, if you guys have any questions or would like better pictures i`m happy to upload more. I took those picture literally after I had the procedure done so my head is shiny because I applied the aftercare gel on it so it looks wet.



    Hi mate, it looks great. You are the same colour as me, but you’re a bit lighter toned. Antonio also did mine and I had my 3rd session 2 weeks ago today. What colour pigment did he use?



    Hi Thanks, to be honest I didnt even ask him about that, I just thought he would know the right colour. By the way I took that picture right by my window next to natural light so its really bright and also I just had the procedure done. Now that the redness is going its getting a bit darker. I dont want it as light as it looks in the picture because it wont match the sides. The sides are slightly dark and with the light hitting the top it will be too shiny, if that makes sense. Over time did yours get lighter? Thanks



    The first session will be light mate as it’s just the template. After the second session is when it will really takes shape and will be darker due to the extra layer and the technician possibly choosing a darker colour. You’ll be blown away after this session.

    Yes, mine did fade after the second session. I left it 3 months between the second and third sessions to see how much fading would occur so I could see if I needed to go darker.


    Daniel A

    Looking good mate, like the hairline, just ask to go darker on the 3rd, sure they will automatically go darker anyway to make sure it blends perfectly

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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