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    I have a consultation booked, so I’m sure the practitioners will be able to help me out then.. But has anyone out there had the treatment with an existing light pigmentation? At a 1mm trim, my stuble is dark enough on top to (I imagine) stand out. However is i wet/foil shave as close as possible, my existing pigments look so light. I’m concerned if i get SMP, it’ll have to be just as light, almost rendering the treatment pointless..

    Any thoughts? Does anyone let it grow to 1mm or is that too long?



    Hey Narb,
    i’ve researched SMP for over a year now ALOT. and have looked at countless guys online, and a few in real life with the treatment.
    i personally have blonde hair, and when i shave it down with a wet gillete shave against the grain (super close shave) my hair is light coloured.
    after 24 hour of growth it is darker, but still light in a sense.
    but compare the lightness to my bald skalp. it does make a difference.
    a big difference.
    For SMP to look real, and blended in with your real hair on the sides of your face, it is recommended that you don’t let it grow past 2mm.
    that means you won’t be able to let it grow out and get too dark, as then your real hair will stand out compared to your SMP.
    I’ve had a consultation, and have met jason piris, which has light coloured hair and he wet shaves super close and can say he has chosen to have his SMP slightly darker than his real hair and it looks COMPLETELY NATURAL.
    the difference of having a hairline versus having a clearly bald head is big. as baldness is seen as ‘old’ e.g. the ‘horse shoe shape’
    plus on top of this it depends on the lighting, if its a darker environment e.g. bars and clubs your hair will look much darker, but i’ve seen guys with SMP in harsh lighting and it still looks natural and good.
    My biggest issue was, also.. is my hair too light.
    and after careful consideration and research and meeting real guys with SMP of darker and LIGHTER hair colours. i’ve come to the conclusion that
    SMP is definitely worth it!

    Hope that helps,


    Fantastic thanks Jason.. I’m fairly sold on SMP… Everything I’ve seen from Skalp looks a thousand times more natural and carefully done than any other company out there… I look forward to hearing what they have to say when they see their next canvas!

    Thanks for your reply 🙂

    Oh, and have you actually had the work done yourself yet? If so do you have any pics? Cheers


    narb these guys can match the treatment to any hair colour, 100% agree Skalp treatments look a thousand times more natural than any other place, your in very good hands

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