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    I’ve been reading and researching SMP for a little while now and I like everything I hear about Skalp. If I did go ahead, it’s likely that Marcin would be the nearest practitioner when he’s at the Edinburgh clinic, and although I’ve read a lot of good things about him and his work (and he seems like a really friendly, genuine guy in his video), I’d be grateful for any more comments from anyone who’s been through the procedure with him in the past (if you’re not comfortable posting here you can reach me on Thanks!


    I had all my treatments with Damon in Manchester
    And he is a top bloke
    Never. Met marcin but all skalp practitioners are trained to the same high standard
    I don’t think you will regret treatment no matter who does it

    Shane Oneil

    Yes had all my treatments with Damon too and can certainly vouch for him.

    Have met Martin but not Marcin.

    They all seem fantastic guys and I can honestly say you can’t go wrong with Skalp.


    Haven’t met him personally, but at my assessment Damon was talking very highly of him as he works in Manchester sometimes.


    Hi i have just had my second treatmeant with marcin, his an amazing person warm sense of humor made the whole experience great for my self, he is very profrshional in his work and he takes massive pride in his work, id say his a Perfectionists and brilliant is an artists. i can honestly say if you have work done by marcin you really are in safe hands, 🙂
    Thanks so much for all the hours you have put into me,


    Thanks guys, that’s really useful. It’s such a major step having something like this done I want to be confident I’m putting myself in the right person’s hands.


    freemanblackheart – firstly I know where you are coming from, it is a big step and one which I didn’t take lightly either. I had a strip transplant seven years ago and while the transplanted hairs stayed where they were, my hair in general continued to thin badly. I contemplated just having SMP on my scar although I was open minded about having the whole procedure. After seeing a few companies, I was most impressed with Skalp after my consultation with Marcin. Right from the beginning, he was friendly and there was no hard sell, which was refreshing. Marcin has the procedure and it looks great, he allowed my wife and I to feel his head (sounds strange when I say it like that…). Apart from the texture (to the touch of fingers), I could not tell where his own hair finished and the SMP started.
    Having now had my first (full) treatment in Edinburgh last week, I can assure you that you are in trustworthy hands. He has a very good personality and will make you feel very at ease in his company. More importantly, he is completely devoted to making his client happy and it is very clear he is a perfectionist. I was due to have my second treatment this Friday, however Marcin managed to fit me into his schedule for an additional session yesterday in order to do additional work on my hair transplant strip scar (hopefully not something you will even need to worry about?) Taking the scar out of the equation (I’m happy with the progress but it’s a very bad scar and will never be perfect), my hairline looks amazing, even after the first session. Within a few days of that first session I was confident enough to walk around the town (hat free for a change) and was keen to gauge people’s reactions. No one gave me a second glance so it obviously looks as much like a truly shaved head as I’d myself thought. I can only imagine how convincing it will look by the end of the final session!
    Put your trust in Marcin, he is a magician and you will even enjoy the experience! Pain wise I was expecting a lot but pain was mostly at 3-5/10 with a couple of areas a bit sorer 6-7/10.


    crazydiamond – thanks very much for posting your experience, it’s extremely reassuring. Since I posted my original question I’ve actually Skyped with Marcin and got a really good feeling about him but it’s useful to hear someone else’s opinion, especially about him being a perfectionist (I think that’s the most important thing to me at the moment – I don’t care too much about how long it takes or even how uncomfortable it is, I just want it done right). Thanks again!

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