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    Hi all,
    I am 26 and have been thinning and receding since I was 20 and have tried reagaine and many other products that haven’t worked so have been looking in to the SMP treatment and am considering it a lot now.
    I had a consultation at skalp and his hair clinic yesterday and they didn’t compare. A massive thanks goes to Ollie and Jason who I met with and made me feel very welcome and comfortable during the hour and half I was there. 🙂
    I got to see the treatment being done which looked amazing on him in his third session. Great results.
    My only concern is that I’m naturally blond on top and fair round back and sides but haven’t seen a finished result on someone as fair. If there is any one that mite be quite fair haired and had the treatment, I would love to see pics, even tho the guys at skalp have said they can match in its always great to see pics.
    I am waiting for my mock up which is exciting so this will help me see for my self but any others would be great.

    Thanks hj88


    Hi hj88
    Welcome to skalp
    Not seen any results of light headed treatments
    But I know what skalp are capable of and if they say they can do it then they will do it, they do a good job at blending
    You made the right decision having had more than 1 consultation
    But you will also make the right choice coming here .
    In terms of size compared to other company’s small are small
    But there work is top drawer and that’s the difference
    They have loads of time for there clients, and no pressure selling
    compare that to other places you visit
    At end if the day it’s your choice
    But getting this treatment will change you life and boost your confidence
    It’s has with me


    Agree with Markyb you have come to the right place.

    There are some great examples of Jasons and Ollies work on here and its really good.

    Im sure you will look fantastic if you go ahead.


    Thanks both for your reply’s. Had my mock up come through yesterday and the difference is amazing. If it can look like the picture then I’m 100% getting the treatment done in the new year. I was lacking a bit of certainty on getting the smp but the mock up has made my mind up.
    Thanks again for your positive feed back. I will keep you updated with my progress


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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