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    This process is not a perfect science, and customers are notoriously fickle in every area, especially cosmetic surgery. So I’m a little surprised (and worried?) not to see some negative comments on a “open forum”.
    Traditionally fading , colour match and hairline are areas that MHT customers will have wobbles about, especially between treatments. Once I’ve read some of these problems and their resolution I’ll be more convinced about choosing SKALP instead of a competitor.


    Hi balde. It was one of my first thoughts before I decided on the treatment. It was almost too good to be true that there was no negative feedback. If you read through a little more there is the odd issue.
    I have seen a couple of people on here had a bit of fading and had to have a 4th treatment. Plus a couple of people mention fading during treatment.
    From the hairlines I have seen on here plus the one I have, I think this is where Skalp are very strong and it’s one of the reason I chose them over other providers. The hairlines seem very natural and you don’t really see the over defined hairlines that scared me on other sites.
    Also having had the treatment Myself I found that everything was explained so well and if I did get any issues I can contact the company straight away and get it sorted. Customer service has been brilliant.


    I felt exactly the same
    And if truth be known still have a nagging doubt
    If you look at other company’s forums they are a lot bigger and worldwide , do they are bound to get a lot more negatives due to the fact they treat more people
    From what I saw at my consultation at skalp was that they had as much time as needed for people
    There was no rushing you out
    It’s not like a conveyor belt
    Maybe the bigger company’s rush there staff training due to demand
    All I know is I felt at ease when I had consultation with Damon last week, and that’s why I’m booked in next week for session 1


    To be honest I never really gave it any thought.

    I just went for a consultation and met Damon who was going to do my treatment. I saw some of his work whilst there and also did a bit of research myself and it was all good.

    Like JR25 mentioned the customer service side has been great all the way through. This gave me a good feeling to begin with. Nina who I dealt with, answered all my questions beforehand and It all felt very professional but also I felt Skalp cared.

    Regarding negative feedback it could also be because it’s a fairly new forum and quite small, but if they carrying on treating people like they did me I doubt there will be much.


    I can’t understand why negative feedback would be needed to see if a company is any good?
    Yes fixing problems via mistakes is all well and good, but I’d be worried why mistakes or errors of judgement were made initially.
    I did my research and looked at other options. Consultations were done and after looking at everything I needed I felt Skalp were the ones for me.
    Now having had it done I am happy to say I made the right choice.


    I am sure there is some negative issues for some individual. There is nothing can be perfect in this world. I am sure the percentage of negative issues are not enough for us to be concern. I believe that we all used our good adjustment to decide to get our treatments done from Skalp.


    Oops! Auto spell check! should be good judgement!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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