Any teachers on here, or who wives etc who are not sure you should have it done.

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    Hello. I am a teacher and I am worried that I will just get the p*&s taken out of me…. obviously this happens everyday being a bald man and thats one of the reasons i want it done, because you have to be told you are bald every day for some reason…
    Also my wife is not keen… she thinks it will look weird and shes worried my kids will think i look strange also, and they all “love my bald head”… I think shes worried I will look irresistible really.
    My consultation is next week. would she benefit coming to the consultation with me?
    Any advice would be great.


    Bang tidy

    Mate you’re in the same situation everyone is before having it done, teacher or not, everyone builds it up in their head that family, friends or whoever are going to sit there and examine you after and give there approval or not, it just doesn’t happen, I know to us and every bald man out there getting a hairline back is a big deal but in reality to most other people they won’t even put there finger on it, they might say you look different today etc

    The only actual decision you need to make is do you want a hairline or not? Cause these guys will give you whatever hairline you want and it will look natural, all the other worries fade away very quickly.

    Yes definitely take your wife with you, she probably hasn’t seen it in real life before and she will probably being pushing you into it after the consult haha



    Ha, Nice one mate.
    I defo want it done now. just the other day while on a run, someone shouted “baldy” at me in their car and sped off. Sick of everyone mentioning it every day now!
    And you are right, it is a massive deal. Iv stared at my head in sadness for about 17 years, the worse bit is when i see that stupid horse shoe on the back of my head on pictures!! hate it!
    how long, if you have? had yours done.



    Hi. I’ve had my SMP two years now. Prior to having it done I kept my head completely shaved. Also had a beard. After I had it done I shaved off the beard and it looked like I had grown stubble on my head.
    No one noticed at work.



    Nice one Tomo. consultation is tomorrow and im really nervous..
    Id love to have the choice with beard no beard, hat no hat etc instead of it being a must nhaha



    Hey Alex,
    I am booked in for consultation next week. My wife says she doesn’t think I should do it but says if it makes me happy then it’s up to me. She’s coming to the consultation as well and I think is worried it might look fake or botched.
    Also everyone’s always said that I suit a bald head, but I think they said that when I first started shaving my head, back when I was only receding. Now it’s thinning a lot more and it’s starting to bother me. Up till now I was never that fussed about it.

    My biggest concern seems a bit silly. I currently shave my head with a beard trimmer that looks like a small set of hair clippers and goes down to 0.5mm. My worry is that I’ve never shaved my head shorter than that, and will I need to start going even shorter for the SMP to look realistic and blend properly. Currently what’s left of my hair doesn’t look too much like a skinhead even though it’s 0.5mm which is practically nothing anyway. I bought a skull shaver and tried it in my facial stubble and it got rid of the lot! Haven’t had the confidence to do it on my head yet.

    Looking forward to consultation but unfortunately have a holiday in the sun booked up shortly after, so cannot have treatment until after that due to the sun.

    Just to add also that I keep stubble on my face which suits me better, considering the bald head. My wife hates it though because it prickles her. I’ll be glad to be able to shave the stubble off and give her a kiss again without causing her pain.



    Hi Matb
    Thanks for the comment! Ive had my consultation and paid a deposit arrrrrgh. My wife came with me and although she says do it, im not convinced she is fully happy because she likes my head lol. I think it will look good though! and they convinced me that noone even notices…
    Ive been bald for about 17 years and had a shaved head for about 20 years so i know it suits me and every says dont get it done because you suit a bald head….but they arnt going to say, you look shit with a bald head lol
    Iv been using a razor now for about 5 months and i would never go back. Took me some time to dare to do it though as i always used clippers.
    I have read that 0.5 blade is fine though.. I personally would never go back to clippers, its so good with a razor.
    Happy to exchange emails as we seem to be in the same boat.
    Unless you are bald, nobody really understands what it feels like.



    My Daughter put me off at first. It took me ages to pluck up the courage to do it after the consultation.
    Ironically when I had it done she did not even notice.
    When you have had it done you will kick yourself that you didn’t do it sooner.
    I use a skull shaver to do my head. I use it every three days.
    Had my SMP two years now.

    Marcin was my practitioner



    Hi Alex,

    Congrats on committing with your deposit. I’m looking forward to next week’s appointment. Which clinic are you visiting? I’m headed to London. Yes please for exchanging emails, as it sounds like you’ll be having yours done before I do.

    Tomo, I’ve seen a number of people say something similar re: people not noticing. But this seems contradictory to the feelings of it being such a life changing procedure? If people don’t even notice, do you still look somewhat bald?



    im honestly not sold on people not mentioning or not realising it, but everyone seems to say to say the same thing! so fingers crossed.
    Iv had my mock up back and it looks unreal. my 2 best mates aid go for it so im proper excited now!!b
    And Tomo – my daughter says dont do it also lol , but today I showed her my mock up and she said i looked really handsome, but didnt even notice i had a hair line haha



    Hi Mat, your email went in to my junk. Ive emailed you back mate.



    Have you had any treatment yet?



    It’s in friday 16th aug



    Hi mate. I see you are getting it done today. It’s the best decision you’ll ever make. I’ve had mine four years now. I’m a teacher , now a lecturer in teacher education. Not one of my students said anything. Just that I had shaved.
    Shaving it right down makes it look much better. Of course the guys at Skalp will have you amazed at how natural it is.



    Nice one mate!! Had first week at work with first session and noone had a clue.. just had second session and it looks great.. well I think so anyway. I’ll see next week if anyone notices as you can really tell now…. they might think I’m a student I look that young haha

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