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    Anyone in here had their SMP topped up?
    I’ve had my SMP two years now
    Was thinking of a check up.
    Maybe having my hairline bought forward a tad.



    Hi Tom, i got mine done around 2.5yrs ago and i think its getting better with age.. It looks even more natural now then it did then.. i dont think I’ll be topping up until at leas the 5 year mark. There’s also the concern about getting it too filled in and it eventually looking painted on as the dots start to blend in one to the other… at the moment mine is just about perfect, whereby in sunlight it looks quite light (as it naturally would) and in the evening it can look dark as hell, which is just magic. My ‘hairline’ is quite defined at the moment, but at the 5yr mark I’ll be considering getting that softened as well as a VERY light touch up.. After 2.5yrs, I’m still seriously chuffed with it.. Maybe post a pic so we can see how urs is looking and offer our thoughts?


    Hi all Is this true if you have top ups it leaves you with a helmet effect ? I thought the dots finally fade out and are replaced with fresh pigment. So if your saying after 15/20 yrs (3/4 top ups your have a helmet look . This is worrying .

    Bang tidy

    Yes the dots do eventually fade out, it’s when people get carried away and have more sessions when it’s not actually needed, easy to get carried away and people do.

    Just wait until you actually need a touch-up to keep it looking natural and you won’t end up with a helmet overdone look.


    I’m really pleased with my SMP. Was just considering taking my hairline forward a little from what I originally had done.
    I was a bit conservative with the hairline. Wanted to keep it age appropriate.
    Thanks for replies.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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