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    Iv had smp recently, 2 weeks since my third session from another clinic, hasn’t really turned out to my expectations which led me to searching for a clinic I felt I could get a second opinion from after breakdowns in discussions with current supplier and just not being happy with his answers/comfortable talking to them, im disappointed in the darkness of my smp as I really wanted something soft and subtle, receeded slightly and totally natural, instead it feels dark and too straight and pointy in the edges and perhaps too dence! I was happier after the second than third tbh, interested to see if anyone else has been in a similar position and has any photos of a correction type situation?
    For me it currently looks obvious and doesn’t even blend in when I have a wet shave so I have to stick to a 2 day post wet shave type length which is hard to maintain tbh


    I would definitely get those lines and edges softened which Skalp are masters at… I think the density and colour aren’t too bad to be honest… Can you shave ur head with a Rotary or foil shaver so we can get a better look? Go to Skalp for a consultation for sure…


    Ye that’s what my thought process was after seeing their work just wish I came across them earlier, I have spoken to skalp briefly by email and sent photos and I’m booked for a consultation in a weeks time from tomorrow, after all even if they don’t feel there’s much room to manoeuvre without taking it too low or too square atleast Iv tried and it won’t cost me anything to hear what they think at skalp, it’s just frustrating as It can make u feel paranoid and down when things don’t go to plan or turn out like you’d hoped for after so many years of stressing over a bald head I don’t want to be stressing over this now, hopefully someone has been in a similar position and can show some results cheers for ur help bud


    Hi, Sorry to hear your experience isn’t what you intended though looking at your pics, a little softening around the temple areas will alleviate your concerns around the sharpness of the hairline. Skalp will definitely look after you and will advise based on their knowledge and experience. Glad you’ve shared this on the forum. Thanks 🙏🏻


    Looks great except for the harsh lines in my opinion. Easily corrected by someone who does “subtle” work. Marcin or Dean in Manchester would sort it right out in a few hrs

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