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    Peter Goodman

    Hi there,

    My name’s Peter and I’ve been considering the treatment for a few months now. I’ve never met or spoken to anyone with SMP and I’m still slightly unsure as to whether the treatment is for me or not. I’d like quite a subtle treatment just to fill in my receding areas and give me a confidence boost.

    Any advice?



    I’m like you Peter I’m looking for a subtle look but I want it to be seen. A lot f the pictures on here seem to be just after treatment so they are still red and dark.

    At my consultation I asked about this and they say it takes a few weeks to settle down. I think if you look at Qman72 he has a few pictures a few months after and it looks softer.

    I was advised you can have whatever hairline, style you like. I’d go and have a consultation Peter and see it in Person. I’m having mine done next week and will be doing a diary and posting pictures. Hope they help you.


    I was the same as both off you, tbh i think everyone has a little bt of nerves when making a decision.
    Im about 2 weeks after my second treatment, and the blend from my shaved head to SMP is flawless! You cant tell where SMP starts and hair finishes.
    If you look closely you can make out the “dots” are bigger than the hair folicule but the shrinking and fading can take months to settle completely.

    The only person who has noticed is my sister and that was only because it was te day or so after treatment and was very dark.

    Im based in north wales if you are this way i dnt mind meeting up.
    Im booked in for my 3rd treatment on the 17th which will touch up a bit of fading on the crown.


    Hey Guys

    I had mine done in May and its the best thing ive done concerning my hair, or lack of.

    Nobody has noticed, not even my mum! I often have to show people the video of me on this site in order to prove to people that I am not pulling their legs.

    I had friends telling me before hand that I didnt require it, friends that quickly agreed it was a great move after they saw the finished result. Ive even had it darkened and may go darker still.

    I genuinely love it.

    Feel free to ask questions if you like


    p.s excuse that daft pic ive attached but it helps to show my results


    It was your video TristanTennant that made me go for this treatment. Great to hear you are still happy. I have recently had my 2nd treatment and it’s been amazing for me.


    That is good to hear Curly, its been money well spent in my eyes

    Peter Goodman

    Ahh thanks guys. I’ve booked a consultation for early January and I’ve been promised I’ll meet someone who has had the treatment done. I’m looking forward to seeing it in the flesh.

    Cheers again,


    Hello Peter,
    I was like you bit undecided then after the consultation with Damon
    couldn’t wait to get it done! Here I am after 3 sessions looking and feeling like a rock star!
    Nobody notices you had it done apart from yr nearest and dearest and that’s only because you have told them!
    But the feel good factor you get for yourself money cannot buy !
    People say why did you get it done ? For who ?
    My reply was I it done for myself!
    Best thing I’ve done !
    Get booked up lad !

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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