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    I just want to share my SMP-story with you guys who are on the fence trying to decide whether to do it or not. This will be a detailed review, and I am NOT paid to write this. I am a regular customer who took the shot and paid for an SMP. The reason why I’m saying this is because I know there is always someone who is sceptical. I used to be extremely sceptical myself.

    First of all; I had my first two sessions in March and my 3rd session in mid-June. I took 7 days vacation where the first session was on day one, and session two on day 5. The work was done all by Marcin at the Manchester clinic. I can’t recommend him enough. If you’re reading this Marcin, I want to say thank you. Thank you for almost saving my life. You have no idea how big of an impact your work has done to me. I wanted to wait for the right “moment” to write this review/experience, and tonight I feel ready for it. I am not fluent in english, but here we go.

    My SMP-story started many years ago, a long time before losing my hair. I was 15 when a photo of a tattoed head went viral, having dots replicating hair follicles etc. Little did I know that two years later I was almost completely bald. I lost my hair extremely fast at a very young age. My self-esteem was terrible, I hid my head under a cap from age 17 to 19. When I sit here and think about at my years as a teenager, all I can remember is anxiety and a mindset that ruined my life. Right now, I don’t understand how I survived those years and I am proud of 17-year-old me who took one day at a time. My life now compared to then is completely different. I’ll come back to that later.

    When I shaved my hair off, I knew the looks didn’t suit me. I didn´t like it, I felt old and weak. My bald head took away the glow in my eyes. I was completely “dead” inside for several years. I knew I had to do the hair-tattoo thing I saw on the internet a few years earlier and decided to do some research. I started researching in late 2013 and continued till 2018. So please… please save yourself from spending so much time. Don’t spend years as I did on deciding whether to do it or not. I was so ambivalent with the whole idea of tattooing dots on my hair. I was afraid it would look fake, that people would call me off, that the whole SMP-industry was a scam, too good to be true and so on.

    Well. After years of checking out clinics and doing research, I finally decided to go with Skalp in Manchester. What I saw at the other clinics was not very good, and it almost scared me off the whole idea of SMP. I was genuinely disappointed. But I never gave up. I was so determent to find the right clinic, and Skalp Manchester came to my mind.

    Not having much money left after several flights to find the right clinic, I just took the shot and booked two treatments at Skalp in Manchester after a Facetime consultation with Marcin. I had previously asked for him as he was the artist behind the art I liked the most.
    We agreed to book two sessions, and let me tell you this: I was so afraid.

    Holy shit I was nervous. I threw up the week before I went to Manchester. I was thinking to myself “What the fuck have I done? What am I doing to myself? Injecting ink to my scalp?”. One side of me wanted to cancel everything, it was just too crazy. But the other side of me thought I already looked so messed up that I had nothing to lose. My family was extremely helpful and open-minded. They supported me and wanted me to go and get the procedure done. And so I did.

    I was so nervous when I sat in the chair, watching Marcin dipping the tattoo-pen in the ink. But as soon as he started to make the dots, I relaxed for the first time in 4 weeks. He is calm and knows that he’s doing.

    When session one was over, I just teared up when I looked in the mirror for the first time. I will never forget that. It was a huge relief, like a mountain of worries that just dropped of my shoulders after 5 years. I knew anxiety was over and that I could finally start living my life to the fullest. The first four days were spent in front of the mirror, trying to get used to my new look. I felt so good. And I still do. I still take a good look at it whenever I pass a mirror. Being used to avoid reflections of my looks, I now admire the work Marcin did to my hair.

    Session one was a full coverage of dots, while session two was a second coverage, putting dots in between the already injected dots. After session two, it looked good enough for me to go back to Norway and start working and study again. It did not look weird or fake, even though it was only 60% done.

    Peoples reaction was awesome.
    “Your face looks so different”
    “Wow, you look so different. What’s going on?”
    “Dude, you look so good with a shaved head”
    “Wow, nice style. You look so fresh”

    Nobody and I say it a again, nobody have ever called the SMP out. And if they did, I would not care. The SMP looks amazing and so real, and if anyone had something negative to say, I would just not care. I am over the moon with it.
    Nobody has so far said anything other than giving me compliments on my looks and hairline. I hear on a weekly basis that I suit the bald/shaved look, and that they wish they could pull off that look too. It’s amazing how a hairline can change the whole shape of your head.
    When people ask to touch my head, even when they feel a bald head instead of hair, they just don’t notice it. They have no clue.

    People don’t look at me with pity anymore, people don’t see a bald young guy anymore. They don’t see a broken soul anymore. What they do see is a proud guy chasing everything that life has to offer. I feel great, and I’m still not used to my new looks. I feel lucky to have this procedure done. The only thing I regret in life is that I didn’t do it earlier.

    One thing I have to mention: you have to trust the guys at Skalp. They know what they do. Let them do their work. Do not worry. Everything Marcin told me turned out to be true. He was 100% accurate when it came to how much it would fade after each session, what he would do about it etc. Just trust them. The final result won’t be there over night. My final result is here today, and I have left some photos for you men and women to see. These photos are all taken three weeks after session 3, and some of them are from last week. It may appear darker in some photos, but that is due to the darker lit room combined with white walls. Harsh lightning will make SMP look less dark, just like it would in real life with real hair.

    I am Nordic with fair skin and blonde hair. Just as blonde as the girls you’ll see if you google “blonde girls” and search for photos. No joke.
    Lucky for me, I have darker hair on the sides, and the blend between my real hair and the dots is just amazing.

    I made an email for everyone to write to if you want to get more personal and have a chat. I can answer anything and send original photos for you to see, before and after smp. Just contact me on


    If you’re on the fence, get of it. Just do it. Get the SMP done. It is worth every single penny, and the price was a small one to pay compared to what I got back from it. I have talked a lot about looks in this “review”, and I do look better now. But that’s not the point. The point is how much my mental health have changed. I am now done with therapists and I am no longer depressed. I wake up early every morning, work out, go to work, study at uni, chase girls and just living life. I am not laying in my bed all day anymore, hiding from the world outside. Today I just can’t wait to get up and grab every opportunity I’ll get. What great time this is 🙂

    My eyes glow again, and my soul is now full of life. This might be the most hippy shit I have ever said. But the words are 100% true and straight from my heart.

    Good luck to all of you.






    Great post. Very very similar to my story too… and your head looks amazing. Marcin is amazing.


    Bang tidy

    Looks amazing mate, total life changer!

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