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    Hey folks I was searching through u tube yesterday. I found benidict garreth saying he got his treatment at h#s hair clinic and at skalp I’m confused and a little worried to be honest as I get my treatment at skalp very soon


    I wouldn’t worry. You are in safe hands with SKALP. The other company you mention have another website called ‘scalp clinic'( don’t ask me why they do this but research and you’ll see) it’s the chap you mention who does a video testimonial. So unless he has had top ups elsewhere it’s the other company who done his treatment.
    Regardless , having just had it done , you’ll be amazed!


    Thanks for the reply was just wondering what was goin on. I decided to go for skalp instead of the other company because it seemed more genuine than that other clinic


    I’m looking to book to have it done , had my consultation and I’m 90% there . So was wondering if any1 who has had it done who live in Bedfordshire so we can meet up so I can see it would b great plz – – See more at:

    Skalp Manchester

    Yes guys.

    Scalp Clinic is really HIS. We must be pretty good as they copied our name 😉

    (SMP Nr 1 company in the World, sounds a wee cocky but you won’t be able to find better results anywhere….Trust me 😉

    See you soon.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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