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    Hello everybody.
    I am new to the forum and very excited after having booked a consultation in Berlin.
    I have been reading all the forums and was going to fly over to England but I have seen that you guys are now doing consultations in Berlin.
    This is great news .
    The photos look really impressive .
    My only worry is that my work colleagues and friends will think it looks not real.
    I have only told my wife no one else . Is this normal?
    Hopefully all my questions will be answered on Saturday .
    I have never seen this treatment in real life I hear that it looks even better than on the photos .
    I will let you all know how I get on with the consultation.


    Heute war ich zum Beratungstermin bei Martin in Berlin.
    Ich habe es zum ersten mal live gesehen und ich war echt begeistert.
    Konnte mir nicht vorstellen ,dass es so echt wirkt.
    Ich habe meine Zweifel abgebaut und werde diesen Schritt tun.
    Ich glaube ,dass ist die beste Alternative.
    Keine Angst vor der Beratung, sie war locker, informativ einfach easy.
    Ich habe einen Termin gebucht.


    This is now. Can’t wait until I get my appointment early next year.
    Any advise someone can give I would really appreciate this .


    didn’t understand you second post
    but between now and your treatment , best to regally shave your head so that you get used to having a shaved head. and moisturise it regally to get it it in top condition,
    you won’t regret having this treatment done


    Thankyou MarkyB for your advise.
    Sorry I forgot to translate.
    I am very excited about getting my hairline back next year.
    Below is a translation of my post .

    Today was my consultation with Martin in Berlin.
    It is the first time I have seen it live and I was really impressed.
    Could not believe that it looks so real.
    All doubts were removed from my head.
    I think that this is the best alternative.
    Don’t be afraid of the consultation , it was very relaxed, informative and easy..
    I have booked an appointment.

    Danke ,

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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